Loveland, Ohio –  Earlier this month, the Amazing Charity Race had given City Council an ultimatum and February 28 deadline to reduce the fees they would have to pay to hold their 2017 event in the City, or they would have no other choice but to move their event outside of Loveland. City Council had been embroiled in heated debate over the past two months when they increased fees for public events that many charitable organizations said were exorbitant. On February 14, City Council voted to reduce the fees.

On Friday, race organizers announced they will stay in Loveland and have opened up slots for more participants. The 2017 race is scheduled for Saturday, June 17. It is always held on Fathers Day weekend.

The Amazing Charity Race has managed to raise nearly $850,000 dollars over eleven years. Last year the Race donated $64,000 to charities and local organizations. The biggest checks of $5,000 each went to CancerFree KIDS and Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Karen Carns Foundation and InRETURN received $1,000 each. More than 40 other charitable organizations split the remainder.

Due to increased demand and and because we are keeping the finish line in Loveland, Ohio this year we have opened up 50 more spots for the 2017 Amazing Charity Race!
Please forward this on to anyone who may be looking for a Sold Out spot.  We appreciate your support, and can’t wait to see you Saturday, June 17th, 2017!
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Amazing Charity Race
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Loveland Magazine is a sponsor of the Amazing Charity Race and produced this video of last year’s race.



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