Loveland Student Athletes will selling door to door March 4th

The Loveland Athletic Boosters Spring Mulch Sale Fundraiser offers high quality yard mulch for purchase by the bag, in bulk, or by the pallet. They begin taking orders in February and offer free local delivery to your home in early April, 2016.

Click Here to Order Mulch On-line
  • Two kinds of high quality mulch are available to purchase by the bag, in bulk or by the pallet
  • Bagged mulch priced at $4.75 per 2.0 cf bag
    • Queen City Gold Dark Hardwood – Triple processed (their biggest seller)
    • Enhanced Black Dye
  • 10 bag minimum order
  • Pallets will be 50 bags (instead of 60 in previous years due to the LARGER cubic feet per bag)
  • Loveland Student Athletes will selling door to door March 4th
  • Free local delivery of your mulch order will be provided
  • Bag delivery April 8th
  • Full pallets will be delivered April 10 – 14
  • All orders done online
  • Pay online by credit card or check
100% satisfaction guaranteed
If you have questions, contact:
Bob Gerstemeier 513.898.9973 or
Click Here to Order Mulch On-line
The Loveland Athletic Boosters is a non-profit organization composed of adult volunteers. The primary purpose of the Boosters is to generate income to supplement the Athletic Department’s budget. Money is raised by running concessions, fundraising, and through Booster Membership Dues. The Loveland Athletic Boosters are involved and directly support numerous programs to promote school spirit and enthusiasm. THANKS to ALL for supporting our organization!


Loveland, Ohio –  Earlier this month, the Amazing Charity Race had given City Council an ultimatum and February 28 deadline to reduce the fees they would have to pay to hold their 2017 event in the City, or they would have no other choice but to move their event outside of Loveland. City Council had been embroiled in heated debate over the past two months when they increased fees for public events that many charitable organizations said were exorbitant. On February 14, City Council voted to reduce the fees.

On Friday, race organizers announced they will stay in Loveland and have opened up slots for more participants. The 2017 race is scheduled for Saturday, June 17. It is always held on Fathers Day weekend.

The Amazing Charity Race has managed to raise nearly $850,000 dollars over eleven years. Last year the Race donated $64,000 to charities and local organizations. The biggest checks of $5,000 each went to CancerFree KIDS and Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Karen Carns Foundation and InRETURN received $1,000 each. More than 40 other charitable organizations split the remainder.

Due to increased demand and and because we are keeping the finish line in Loveland, Ohio this year we have opened up 50 more spots for the 2017 Amazing Charity Race!
Please forward this on to anyone who may be looking for a Sold Out spot.  We appreciate your support, and can’t wait to see you Saturday, June 17th, 2017!
Click Here to Sign Up!
Amazing Charity Race
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Loveland Magazine is a sponsor of the Amazing Charity Race and produced this video of last year’s race.


Loveland, Ohio – The following were inducted into the Loveland High School 2016 Athletic Hall of Fame. LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV was the only Tri-state news outlet to cover the ceremony.


Samantha Wheeler

 High School Accomplishments

Graduated from Loveland High School in 2010

Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4

Most Valuable Swimmer 3, 4

1st Team All FAVC 1, 2, 3, 4 

200m Individual Medley and 100m Breast Stroke 2009

All-City 100m Breast Stroke 2009

FAVC Athlete of the Year 2009

State Qualifier Relays and 100m Breast Stroke 2009

5th All State 100m Breast Stroke 2009

FAVC Sportsman and Swimmer of the Year 2008-2009

     All Ohio Award by Swimming Coaches Association 2009

Community Press Sportsman of the Year 2008-2009

Edward Jones Award 07-08 All FAVC Academic Team 3, 4

College: University of Cincinnati  Swimming


Kevin Taylor

 Loveland Athletic Achievement Award

Graduated from Loveland High School in 1972

30 Years Teacher and Coach Loveland School District

Middle School Wrestling Coach 1985-86 CHL Champs

Middle School Girls Basketball Coach 1986-87

Middle School Girls Track Coach 1987-91

Varsity Girls Softball Coach 1992

JV Girls Basketball Coach 1987-89

Varsity Girls Basketball Coach 1988-95

JV Football Coach 1985-90

LHS Freshman Football Coach 1994-95

Loveland High School Assistant Athletic Director 1995-2013

Loveland High School Facilities Manager 2013 to Present

Founder and Chairman of Present Hall of Fame

Retired from Teaching 2013


Shawn Richardson

 High School Accomplishments

Graduated from Loveland High School in 1989

Soccer 1

Basketball 1, 2

Football 2, 3

First Ever Playoff Team 1986

All CHL Honorable Mention Linebacker 3

Wrestling 3  3rd in CHL League Meet

Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4

Tied Home Run Record (8) 3

Leading Hitter Award 3

Tiger Man Award 4

1st Team All CHL 3, 4

Cincinnati Post All Metro Team 3, 4

All Ohio 4  Ohio All Star Game 4

College: Motlow   Baseball


Ron Ogden

 High School Accomplishments

Graduated from Loveland High School in 1966

Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4   Captain 4

Honorable Mention All EHL 3

1st Team All EHL 4

Honorable Mention All-City 4

Claw Man Award 4

Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4   All-Star Game 4

Varsity Track 1

Basketball 1, 2, 3

College: Wilmington 4yrs. Football and Baseball



Time to change your passwords

Cloudflare, an internet services provider that manages 10 percent of all web traffic, has been leaking assorted bits of customer information — passwords, cookies, personal information, messages and more — since a bug appeared in their code in September 2016, according to a company statement released late Thursday. The company maintains behind-the-scenes details, such as protection from cyber attacks and large scale backups, for websites and mobiles apps like Uber, OKCupid, FitBit, League of Legends, Glassdoor and the online tip jar Patreon (Here’s a list of Cloudflare clients).

Read on at the PBS NewsHour…


List of Sites possibly affected by Cloudflare’s #Cloudbleed HTTPS Traffic Leak

What should I do?

Check your password managers and change all your passwords, especially those on these affected sites. Rotate API keys & secrets, and confirm you have 2-FA set up for important accounts. This might sound like fear-mongering, but the scope of this leak is truly massive, and due to the fact that all Cloudflare proxy customers were vulnerable to having data leaked, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Read on at GitHub…


by Todd Robinson

Loveland, Ohio – On Valentine’s Day at Tiger Court, the student section sported pink and red to show their support for the Loveland men’s basketball team as they hosted Walnut Hills on Senior Night. Unfortunately, the ECC-leading Eagles weren’t cooperating – and defeated the Tigers 71-49.

In pre-game festivities, Loveland honored six seniors on this year’s edition of the Tigers. Playing their last game on Tiger Court were Jacob Campbell, Drew Kluender,  Mitch Robinson, Mitch Suder, Owen Wilhoite, and Alex Wolf. The seniors helped keep the Tigers in the game early, as Loveland led 8-7 after the first quarter behind a zone defense that slowed down the Eagles. But, Walnut Hills heated up in the second quarter, hitting four treys from beyond the arc. Closing on an 8-0 run, the Eagles took a 28-19 lead into halftime. 

Walnut Hills opened the third quarter with six straight points, including two breakaway dunks, and after outscoring the Tigers 24-10 in the quarter, the game was essentially over. 

Loveland’s final basket of the game was a baseline jumper by sophomore Gabe Rubeo, as he scored his first 2 varsity points. Mitch Suder led the way for the Tigers, scoring 14 points.  See full game stats.

In the State tournament draw the Tigers will be taking on Edgewood on Saturday, February 25 at 8 PM at Fairfield. See Bracket below.


Photos by Olivia Smith/David Miller/Loveland Magazine © 2017

Click to see larger view


Tiger Spirit Wear Days at RP Diamond in Loveland


RP Diamond is the exclusive retailer of LOVELAND HIGH SCHOOL SPIRIT WEAR

Superintendent Chad Hilliker discusses how Destination Loveland will drive the future of the student experience


Loveland, Ohio – In January 2016 Superintendent Chad Hilliker first revealed “Destination Loveland” in a community presentation. Fast forward one year to January 19, 2017 – Superintendent Hilliker once again took the Loveland High School Auditorium stage to deliver the annual State of Schools presentation and the message centered on how “Destination Loveland” continues to drive district goals, and will, “Help shape the future student experience.”

“Preparing Students for Tomorrow, Today – that is the mission that guides every decision we make, and those decisions developed the vision we have – being a destination school district exemplified through our dedicated approach to the complete student experience – that is the heart of Destination Loveland,” said Hilliker. “It is both a partnership and a journey we are walking together – students, teachers, staff, administrators, the Board of Education, our parents and community members – to continue to create new avenues for our students to achieve excellence.”

Hilliker invited Board of Education President Dave Blumberg to reflect on strides made during the 2016-17 school year which included a one-to-one technology program in grades 7-12, the addition of three all-day kindergarten classes that will begin fall 2017, and the construction of the Loveland Primary School all-inclusive playground and new tennis court facilities at LHS. Administrators, teachers and students also shared the stage to talk about how they are seeing achievement on the district’s big three goals for the school year: Growth, Innovation and Care.

“We are proud of the great strides this district has made in one year, but there is much more to accomplish as we continue to focus on what the Loveland student experience should look like in the future,” said Hilliker.

Hilliker announced the development of the Destination Loveland Task Force, a group of staff and community members that will begin work in February on future plans to include defining what the student experience should be, facilities needs and financial pathways to achieve the district’s goals. A plan is expected to be presented to the Board of Education in August.

“This is about updating our curriculum and classes to make all we do cutting edge, and significantly enhancing the academic experience for our students,” said Hilliker.

The community can expect regular updates on the progress of the Destination Loveland Task Force on the district’s website (

State of Schools summary video

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video





Wildflower House — where women & girls bloom!


By Chad Hilliker, Loveland City School District superintendent

It’s not the same district.

If there was one message that stood out, that was it. It was the annual State of Schools event, and the Loveland High School Auditorium was packed with members of the Tiger Family – and I will admit, many came for the award-winning Loveland Show Choirs who performed at the end. But to get to the end, they did have the chance to hear the message I delivered: Destination Loveland is not our past, it is our future.

A future that is taking shape right now.

During this 2016-17 school year, our teachers, staff, administrators and Board have put laser focus on three key areas: academic growth, classroom innovation and Tiger care. This is how we are making strides right now in Preparing Our Students for Tomorrow, Today. It’s through equipping students with new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) offerings in middle and high school. It’s with the establishment of seven additional AP courses at Loveland High School (LHS). It’s by the implementation of a 1:1 device plan for LHS, and by making available 1,800 plus Chromebooks and Android tablets for our students district-wide. And, it’s by further strengthening opportunities for our youngest Tigers by offering a tuition-based, full-day kindergarten for the 2017-18 school year.

We’re not finished.

Now, we are ready to bring in a group of Loveland parents, community members and business leaders to join our educators in developing our future goals. Called the Destination Loveland Task Force, this group will work from February through the summer to develop what the Loveland student experience should look like, the future needs of our facilities and a financial plan to achieve our goals. By August of this year, the task force will present a recommendation on all three items to our Board of Education.

It’s not the same district – it’s better and better, year after year.

We are in a time of change. Our staff embraces this; our administration embraces this, and our Board embraces this. We want you to embrace this. The work is not small, but the payoff is worth it – Preparing Our Students for Tomorrow, Today. As the educational leader of this outstanding district, and as a member of this community for more than 25 years, I thank you for your continued support.

Dedicated to the future of our students,
Chad Hilliker

Loveland City School District




The zoo comes to class!

Loveland, Ohio – Students gathered into the Loveland Primary School (LPS) Gymnasium to say hello to some special guests – two baby cheetahs from the Cincinnati Zoo. The special assembly was funded by a family member of an LPS student as an educational gift for the classes to enjoy.

“It was exciting – it really was,” said LPS Principal Kevin Fancher. “We are so fortunate to operate in a community that truly supports expanding the educational opportunities for all of our students, and we sincerely thank the donor who made this visit happen!”



With all the summer camps being offered this summer,
why choose VisionArts?


VisionArts is a one of a kind art studio offering week long summer camps for age 4 – 12. 
A week of VisionArts summer art camps offers:

  • Exciting and unusual themes that will entice all ages
  • Lets children explore their own creativity in a fun environment 
  • Taught by professional art teachers
  • Ages 7 – 12 get a sketchbook and artist trading cards
  • Chance to work collaboratively on an artistic project
  • Has an incredible art show at the end of every week for family and friends
  • Offers before and after care
    Art Camps for 4 – 6 yrs.
    M – F / 10 – 12 p.m.
    Cost: $130.00  week
    For the Love of Nature:  June 12 – 16
    Puppet Palooza:   June 19 – 23
    Tea Party:  June 26 – 30 / August 7 – 11
    Enchanted Kingdom:  July 10 – 14
    Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Oh My!:   July 17 – 21
    Paint Party:  July 24 – 28 / August 14 – 18
    World of Sculpture:  July 31 – August 4

    Art Camps for 7 – 12 yrs.
    M- F / 10 – 12:30 / 1:30 – 4p.m. / 10 – 4p.m.
    Cost: $175 Half Day Camps / $320 for All day camps
    Flower Power: June 12 – 16
    Puppet Palooza: June 19 – 23
    Fun with Fiber: June 26 – 30 / August 7 – 11
    Mixed Media: July 10 – 14
    Animalia: July 17 -21
    Paint Party: July 24 – 28 / August 14 – 18
    World of Sculpture: July 31 – August 4

    For more information go to:
    Call: Joan Ruschman @ 513-510-3911

Only 3 miles from I-275 exit 52
Conveniently close to the cities of Indian Hill, Symmes Township and Montgomery

Take I-275 to Exit 52. Turn left onto Loveland-Madeira Road. After approximately three miles, VisionArts is on the right in Shoppers Haven Plaza.

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