Is it time to drain the Hamilton County swamp?

An eye-opener about Hamilton County Government from City Beat. By JAMES MCNAIR APR 12, 2017

If you thought the Hamilton County courthouse was a vehicle for political patronage, nepotism and favoritism in hiring, you were right. CityBeat gave the practice the closest look ever taken.

Cincinnati attorney Robert Newman practices in the areas of civil rights, personal injury and criminal.

In effect, the courthouse is like a scale model for, with overlapping branches of multiple family trees. Some in the community have grown weary of the absence of a formal merit system in the county courthouse. Robert Newman, who has practiced law in Cincinnati for about 45 years, called the hiring of family members a “pernicious” practice.

“Sure, there are some sons and daughters and nephews and nieces who were likely hired because Dad was a judge or a prosecutor and who are performing well on the job,” Newman says. “But some are not and are less qualified than others who applied or who could have gotten the job if the employment process were an open one.

“So they work side-by-side with people who are doing the job and they are not,” he continues. “This does not do them any good. It doesn’t do the office any good. It is not fair to taxpayers. It is just bad personnel policy. Most businesses have policies against nepotism for these reasons.”


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Accounting Plus has opening for Payroll Position



“We believe in the ongoing training and development of our staff and see it as a worthy investment in the future of the company.”

Loveland, Ohio – Paxton’s Grill is hiring employees for their new sister restaurant adjacent to their current location in Historic Downtown Loveland right on the Loveland Bike Trail.

Bike Trail Junction will open around the end of May and the beginning of June.

Read here about Bike Trail Junction: 

[Video Interview] Paxton’s to open 2nd eatery in Historic Downtown Loveland

Go HERE to find an application, then call 513-583-1717 to make an appointment.

Bike Trail Junction is looking to fill all daily staff positions of a typical restaurant, from management – to cooks and servers.

“We believe that only a happy and professional staff can give the level of personal service we demand.”

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File photo of Peggy Goodwin speaking at a recent City Hall meeting

Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,

The Loveland Farmers’ Market will open as scheduled on Tuesday, May 2nd!  Everyone, from our market-goers to our vendors to the 8 volunteers who are organizing and operating the market this year are excited about “Opening Day.”  The market will be open every Tuesday afternoon from May through October running from 3 until 7 PM in the same location as last year – the municipal parking lot next to Loveland Canoe & Kayak.

While the LFM organizers are deeply disappointed in the actions of Council majority in pushing through the last minute amendments to the Transient Vendor ordinance, we are committed to continuing the mission of the market: 

To bring local farmers, bakers and artisans to Loveland and provide locally-produced, sustainable goods for sale to our community.  LFM’s goal is to create a vibrant gathering place where individuals can interact with farmers and producers while learning about sustainable living and enjoying educational and entertainment activities.

With that, we invite everyone to come out on Tuesday afternoon, May 2nd, to downtown Loveland to welcome back our wonderful vendors and to enjoy the fun, festive atmosphere of the Loveland Farmers’ Market. 


Peggy Goodwin


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124 W Loveland Avenue


Open Letter to the City of Loveland

Tom Calarco is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland

by Tom Calarco

It’s a little over three years since I moved to Loveland and less than two years since I moved downtown.  I have no personal investment in the community, other than that I rent an apartment here.  I could just keep quiet and enjoy the bike trail, park, and other amenities that it offers.  However, I’ve always been self-righteous and believed in doing the right thing and when it comes to government, it’s to serve the best interests of all the people and the community it represents. As a result, I feel the need to speak out regarding what I feel is the outrageous flaunting of power of the current city administration, and also some concerns about the proposed new city hall project.

It was very apparent last year when the city council, or at least its majority that supports the current mayor, tried to block the Farmer’s Market from operating downtown Loveland that something was amiss.

It seemed pretty transparent to me that the mayor had a vendetta against its founder Donna Bednar.

It seemed pretty transparent to me that the mayor had a vendetta against its founder Donna Bednar when he removed her from the city’s Beautification Committee and followed it by trying to block her Farmer’s Market, which had a one-year hiatus at another location because of downtown construction, from returning to downtown. This vendetta originated when Fitzgerald himself was removed as Loveland’s city manager during the late 1990’s when Bednar’s husband was on the city council.

Dave Kennedy alleged the reason the city opposed the return of the market was due to traffic concerns.  However, when the people of the city arose in protest, he found a way to allow it to come back.

Now, it seems like déjà vu and once again the city council’s majority is trying to find a way to block not only the Farmer’s Market but also other events that take place downtown which provide immeasurable benefits to the community, some of a charitable nature. Ostensibly, it is not because they oppose the city hosting these events but because of concerns of revenue. The city wants to levy heavy fees that no other community in the area levies on the vendors who participate. Furthermore, they want to require background checks on these vendors, which adds another fee to participation because the checks need to be paid by those who are checked.

The bottom line is that these fees are going to make it prohibitive for many of these vendors to come to Loveland and hinder some of these events from continuing here.  The question that remains to be answered is WHY ARE THESE FEES NECESSARY?


That brings us to another part of the issue: the proposed new City Hall.

I listened to some of the discussion about it on Loveland Magazine, and it reminds of Joni Mitchell’s song, Big Yellow Taxi, and the line, “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Apparently, Pam Gross has no use for the trees and green space there.

I listened to Pam Gross say that in demolishing the current obsolete city hall that we should tear up the unused space in front of it.  Apparently, she has no use for the trees and green space there.  Better to put concrete and pavement that can be used for economic development and revenue.

Also, Dave Kennedy talked about making Grill Millitzer a two-way street lined with retail shops.  It was a little unclear how they were going to do this, and in fact, nothing is yet set in stone about this proposed project. But it seems to me that this is the beginning of a transformation of downtown Loveland that has already begun with the construction of Loveland Station. This project is being administered by the Community Improvement Corporation led by Gross with the advisement of experienced economic developers. And it’s all about the money.

Would it better serve us to remain as the place the average person comes to relax and get away from the encroachment of urban development?

The question that needs to be answered is what lies ahead for downtown Loveland?  Should it be transformed into a money pit that will gradually erode its quaint charm and green space? Or would it better serve us to remain as the place the average person comes to relax and get away from the encroachment of urban development?

Another question that also should be considered is: Do the members of the majority faction on the Council stand to gain financially from this urban transformation?

As Joni Mitchell sang: “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”

For Background Read what Tom Calarco has read …

Loveland Magazine pulls back the curtain on the process of building a new City Hall
These exclusive LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV videos will tell you what is being proposed

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9781 Fields-Ertel Road, Loveland, Ohio 45140
513 677 9500
Living Word Fellowship 
Starting Sunday, May 7, 2017 at Living Word Fellowship
9781 Fields-Ertel Road 45140

Topics include:

* What the Bible says about divine healing
* Hindrances to receiving healing
* How to receive God’s free gift of healing
* Why healing is for you
* Those who have a physical healing need
* Those willing to have their mind renewed and road blocks removed,
 so they can receive God’s free gift of healing and health
Text: God’s Word For Your Healing by Harrison House Publishers
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Loveland, Ohio – How can we serve you better?

That is the question the Loveland City School District is asking all students, staff, teachers, administrators, parents and community members – launching today #MyTigerIdea – a website dedicated to listening.

 “Constant improvement – that is the goal of this project,” said Loveland District Technology Director David Knapp. “We want to hear any and all ideas about how we can strengthen our student experience, so we have developed this platform that will essentially serve as a podium from which our stakeholders can idea share with us directly.”

Ideas submitted to the site ( will go before senior administrators for consideration. The website can be accessed off of the “About” section of the district website Ideas tied directly to innovation around the student experience will be presented to the newly established Loveland[x] team – a group of more than 80 educators formed to collaborate around innovative instructional strategies, beta test new resources and propose creative ideas for teaching and learning. You can see progress of ideas can visit the website for any updates.

 “This is a different way to do business,” said Knapp. “We are excited to get this off the ground and see what ideas our stakeholders have to share. We know together we can continue to create the destination school district we all love – because the journey to always improve truly has no end.”  


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Student word-doctors dress the part as they get creative with contractions!

Twenty-six LPS students in Jennifer Hilton’s class dressed as doctors to “perform surgery” on words to make contractions.

Loveland, Ohio – Is there a doctor in the house?

Why yes, 26 of them actually, at Loveland Primary School (LPS).

Teacher Jennifer Hilton’s second-grade class (medical school graduating class of 2035) recently performed surgery on several words to make contractions..  The students practiced when and where to place the apostrophe (known to the class as a “bandage”). 

“I used this approach because it was very engaging for the students,” said Hilton. “Hopefully this lesson will be something that really solidified the contraction rules for them.”

According to Mrs. Hilton, the words are recovering nicely and are expected to have had a very speedy recovery.

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One of 25 in nation recognized by the Federal Bar Association

LHS Teacher David Volkman with the 2017 National Civics Teaching Award presented by the Federal Bar Association.

Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland City School District congratulates Loveland High School (LHS) Teacher David Volkman for being one out of 25 teachers nationally to receive the Federal Bar Association Excellence in Civics Education Award for 2017. The award recognizes educators throughout the nation who contribute the most to civics education and go above and beyond in teaching civics, government or social studies. Nominees are submitted by students, teachers, and colleagues.

“I’m humbled by the award,” said Volkman. “Teachers do amazing things every day to open our students’ minds to the possibilities and responsibilities of life, and seeing thought and growth in the classroom is what we all look to as our most important reward. But it’s also rewarding to receive recognition of those efforts in the form of an award like the FBA’s Excellence in Civics Education Award.”

“We’ve always known we have the best of the best with Mr. Volkman, and this award is much deserved official recognition of how he goes above and beyond for our Tiger students,” said LHS Principal Peggy Johnson. “We are beaming with Tiger Pride.”

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Team 5040 to compete in St. Louis April 26-29

Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland High School Robotics Team 5040 “Nuts and Bolts” has advanced to the World Championship competition in St. Louis April 26-29. It is the first World Championship competition in the program’s history. To quality, students competed in the FIRST Tech Challenge North Super-Regional Robotics Tournament – a four-day competition (March 29-April 1) that was comprised of 72 teams from 13 different states. Loveland High School Team 5040 earned the title Winning Alliance Captain of the FTC North Super Regional.


The Loveland High School Team 5040 at the FIRST Tech Challenge North Super-Regional Robotics Tournament with their robot and trophy. (Back row L to R) Stephanie Spitzley, Garrett Royal, Ben Richardson; (Middle row L to R) Matt Spitzley, Cooper Baumgarth, Bryce Reinhold (Front row L to R) Abbie Docter, Haley Dues, Ben Smith; (Not pictured) Julia Hoge and Ben Kavouras


“I am very proud of the team’s hard work,” said LHS Robotics Mentor Chad Royal. “North Super Regional was a great experience for us. We had the opportunity to interact with over 1000 other students and mentors all interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education with a very diverse background. Using innovative problem solving skills and a lot of team work Loveland Team 5040 Nuts and Bolts was able to come away as Winning Alliance Captains, the highest honor in robot performance. We are looking forward to meeting teams from the South Super Regional as well as International teams at the World Championships in St. Louis.”


A family-owned business offering a wide variety of soft-serve specialty desserts.


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