Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a filmmaker, cinematographer, photographer and junior at Loveland High School.

by Sam Smith

Loveland, Ohio – LHS Gymnasium – On the evening of Thursday, March 15, Loveland High School held their seasonal sports awards. Athletic Director, Julie Renner, hosted the winter sports awards– a chance to recognize top-performing high school athletes and teams in the District.

Wrestling and Academic Team trophies

After commending parents, coaches, team liaisons and student athletes with a GPA above 3.5, Renner announced All-Conference winners in the Eastern Cincinnati Conference. They are as follows:

Honorable Mention:

  • Riley Bullock – Dive
  • Vaughn Richter – Boys Swim
  • Courtney Mennen – Girls Swim
  • Drew Vanderhorst – Wrestling
  • Kate Garry – Girls Basketball
  • Jalen Greiser – Boys Basketball
  • Ethan Bell – Boys Bowling
  • Malorie Scharfenberger – Girls bowling

Second Team:

  • Cole Swartz – Academic Team
  • Brandon Day – Boys Swim
  • Sarah Klenke – Girls Swim
  • Cade Smeller – Wrestling
  • Dominic Ferreri – Wrestling
  • Jillian Hayes – Girls Basketball
  • Mitch Robinson – Boys Basketball
  • Mitch Suder – Boys Basketball
  • Wyatt French – Boys Bowling
  • Aaron Autin – Boys Bowling
  • Caitlyn Campbell – Girls Bowling

First Team:

  • Henry Daumeyer – Academic Team
  • Richard Mendoza – Wrestling
  • Colin Durham – Wrestling
  • Blake Poteet – Wrestling
  • Nate Lawry – Wrestling
  • Ian Knabe – Wrestling

As the night progressed, Renner presented the sportsperson of the season awards to athletes on each team that stood out as players and teammates. Renner read personal bios written by coaches of honored athletes.

From left to right: Nate Lawry, Vaughn Richter, Anna Cooper, Reagan Patton, Joe Carver, Tess Locasto, Carlie Hicks, Cameron Bender, Grant Leever and Julie Renner

Wrestler, Nate Lawry:

Nate is epitome of hard work, leadership, and loyalty to a team. Nate has been part of the wrestling team for the past 4 years. Nate has not always been a varsity starter. Undeterred by this, Nate always knew his role and place on the team. He has always worked hard and led by example. If someone needed extra work- Nate would volunteer, if someone got injured- Nate would step in. If someone was not working hard- Nate would give them a gentle reminder. It is through this kind of determination and dedication that Nate finally became 152 LB starter for the wrestling team this year.  Nate’s leadership was invaluable part of the wrestling team’s success and ECC championship. Nate achieved many milestone’s this year; Team Captain, League Champ, Sectional Placer, and won 28 matches as a Senior. All of these are great achievements. However, it is his dedication to the wrestling program that separates him from the rest of his teammates. It is an honor and a privilege for the Loveland Coaching Staff to name Nate Lawry the Wrestling team’s Sportsman of the Year.

Wrestler, Nate Lawry

Mens swimmer, Vaughn Richter:

Vaughn is someone who could set his mind to a task and accomplish it. He came into the program and was a pleasant surprise to myself and my fellow coaches with his pure speed. Not only has Vaughn shaped into a good swimmer over the past 3 years, he is a good person outside of the water. Vaughn is intelligent, hardworking and dedicated which make him the perfect swimmer for Sports Person of the Season.  Congratulations Vaughn.

Vaughn Richter at the ECC championship

Womens basketball, Anna Cooper:

Anna is a first year varsity letter winner. She stepped into the starting point guard role and earned the respect of her teammates and coaches. She quietly led by example with a positive attitude on and off the court. She handled the pressure of playing the point guard position and persevered through tough games. Anna’s character sets the example for the all athletes in the program by representing the CORE Values of respect, responsibility, integrity and pride at Loveland High School. Anna was a pleasure to coach and has another year to be an impact player in the program.

Anna Cooper prepares to shoot against Withrow

Womens swimmer, Reagan Patton:

Reagan’s dedication to the team is hard to be matched. Throughout her 4 years as a varsity swimmers she has grown in and out of the water. Reagan is a natural leader and a positive role model to her fellow athletes. She is someone I could count on and someone who I depended on during the season. Reagan embodies the Swimming Sports Person of the Season with her impeccable work ethic and determination. Congratulations Reagan as being the recipient of Sports Person of the Season.

Swimmer, Reagan Patton

Academic team, Grant Leever:

Grant has been on academic team all four years of high school and has been on the Varsity team since his sophomore year. Grant is incredibly dedicated to the team. He is the only member of the team who takes post-secondary classes, therefore, many times he has to come back to school from his college courses to attend practices and meets. This shows amazing dedication to the team. In addition, Grant is always willing to help the team out by being flexible with what rounds he is playing in as well as switching what he is studying for the betterment of the team. He is an excellent role model and exemplifies what it means to be a Tiger.

Academic team player, Grant Leever

Cheerleader, Tess Locasto:

When someone says Tess’s name a few words come to mind: leadership, optimism, spirited and passion. I’ve been fortunate enough to coach Tess the last 3 years and it’s been apparent that her leadership skills have only grown stronger. She is always the first to take initiative and get her teammates to start stretching and/or practice without having to be told, the first to teach her team and the underclassmen new material or even to refresh the old material and to even get Tiger Nation involved. Her optimism and positive outlook for our competitive team, knowing and encouraging her teammates to put their best performance out and to leave it all on the mat, helped us to take second place this year. Her spirit and passion for the sport can so easily be read all over her face while she is cheering. There is not a time you could look at the team and not see her happy to be there, genuinely smiling and enjoying what she did on the field, court or on the mat. Our hope is that she continues to strengthen these qualities and to utilize them as she moves on to hopefully cheer at the University of Cincinnati.  She has been such an asset to Loveland High School and to our Cheer Program and will be missed.

Cheerleader, Tess Locasto

Womens bowler, Carlie Hicks:

Carlie was an integral part of the bowling team this past season. Outside of her consistent, and solid play, she was a fantastic teammate. Carlie was constantly supportive to those who needed it. This attitude did not only include our team, but any team we were playing. She would hand out high fives, and offer words of encouragement to our opponents as well. Carlie is a model teammate and this level of leadership will be hard to replace.

Bowler, Carlie Hicks

Mens bowler, Cameron Bender:

Cameron has been a member of the Boys’ Bowling team for four years.  And whether his role was manager, JV member or a Varsity contributor, he always did what was asked of him with no hesitation. We can’t substitute in and out as freely as some other sports. So there were times when Cameron found himself as a supporter and not a participant…but he never complained. Instead, he accepted his role by always being prepared to give his best when called upon. It’s been a pleasure to coach Cameron over the past few years.

Mens bowler, Cameron Bender

Mens Basketball, Mitch Suder:

Mitch led the team in rebounding, field goal percentage, and was second on the team in scoring.  He was also chosen to the All ECC 2nd Team. His dedication to working hard during practices pushed his teammates to do the same.  Mitch leads by example and, with many teammates who were underclassmen, this is the type of respect and responsibility a team needs modeled each day. His leadership, communication, hard work, coachability, and positive attitude are greatly appreciated by all his coaches.

Mitch Suder goes for a layup against Sycamore

Diver, Joe Carver:

Throughout his four years on the diving team at Loveland High School, Joe has always put his teammates first.  He made an effort to get to know all of his teammates on a personal level and made attending all team functions a high priority. He is the type of athlete that always went out of his way to ensure that every member of the team felt welcomed and included. Furthermore, Joe took his diving career and physical fitness to a new level this season. He went from being cut after 5 dives at sectionals last season to qualifying for the district meet this season and placing 4th in the ECC meet. Joe trained continuously throughout the off season and attended numerous out of town training trips. Joe’s leadership, work ethic, and positive attitude will certainly be missed next season. Congratulations and best of luck next year at the University of Cincinnati!

Diver, Joe Carver


4-year varsity players were given plaques and recognition

Academic team and the wrestling team were both honored for their success this year. Academic team ended third in the ECC, along with winning the ECC tournament. Wrestling saw success, with a number of wrestlers competing in state along with a generally victorious season. The team was awarded ECC Conference champion.

Academic team won the ECC tournament. Learn more about academic team: Loveland’s most intense sport you’ve never heard of here.
The wrestling team accepts their conference winner trophy

To end the awards ceremony, Chris Switzer was awarded the 2017 ECC Wrestling Coach. Switzer broke his 150th win, along with helping the team achieve exceptional success throughout the season.

Chris Switzer accepts his ECC Wrestling Coach plaque

by Sam Smith

Miami University- On Saturday, February 18, mens and womens swimming competed in the State Southwest District meet. Thirteen schools went head-to-head in a series of events featuring hundreds of total swimmers. Loveland’s Sarah Klenke will go onto state for 100 backstroke.

In the womens 200 Medley, loveland placed 6th out of 12. Mens swimmers came in 4th out of 11. In the womens 200 yard freestyle, Hannah Bashardoust came in 15th, Meghan Lolli placed 18th and Hannah Hart placed 20th.

In the mens 200 freestyle, Evan Dial placed 15th, Kyle Griffin placed 15th and Jack Shanahan placed 15.

Ethan Dial?

In womens 200 yard IM, Kayla Johnson placed 14th, Emily Hageman placed 21st and Kamryn Eversole placed 22nd. In the Mens 200 yard IM, Alex Bacanursci placed 13th.

In the 50 yard freestyle, Lauren Williams placed 11th, Reagan Patton placed 12th, Avery Lawrence placed 23rd and Kamryn Eversole placed 23rd. Vaugn Richter placed 4th in the mens 50 yard freestyle, Mitchell Laifook placed 14th, Brycen Carle placed 22nd and Hunter Wentland placed 24th.

In the 100 yard butterfly, Kendell Wheeler placed 12th, Meghan Lolli placed 14th, Amy Deem placed 19th and Allison Salzl placed 21st. For men, Sam Ward placed 7th.

In the womens 100 yard freestyle, Emma Blackburn placed 15th, Reagan Patton placed 17th and Avery Lawrence placed 24th. In the mens event, Cade Jenkins placed 20th, Brycen Carle placed 21st and Alex Bacanursci placed 22nd and Adam Peters placed 24th.

In the womens 500 freestyle, Nami Cannon placed 6th, Amy Deem placed 19th and Hannah Hart placed 20th. For men, Evan Dial came in 9th.

Loveland placed 4th in the 200 yard freestyle for women and 11th for men.

Milford athlete, Chase Fisher, wins the 50 yard freestyle

In the 100 yard backstroke, Loveland saw more success with Sarah Klenke placing 2nd, Courtnet Mennen placing 3rd, Kayla Johnson in 12th and Audrey Lund in 13th for women. Brandon Day placed 2nd for men, Logan Colletta came in 18th, Josh Badzik in 19th and Kyle Griffin in 20th.

Vaughn Richter before the 50 yard freestyle

In the womens 100 yard breaststroke, Kendell Wheeler placed 12th, Lydia Powell placed 17th, Rachel Oberholzer placed 18th and Caroline Poole placed 23rd. For men, Mitchell Laifook placed 9th, Josh Badzik placed 19th and Jack Shanahan came in 20th.

For the 400 yard freestyle relay, Loveland placed 11th out of 12 for women and in 10th out of 10 for men.

Joe Carver placed 4th in mens diving. Riley Bullock placed 3rd in womens diving, Shelby Kline placed 9th and Chloe Cree placed 13th.

DI State Qualifer, Sarah Klenke, will compete for Loveland in the 100 Backstroke in Canton on Friday, Feb 23, starting at 9 AM.

by Sam Smith

Loveland, Ohio – Academic team, also known as Quizbowl, is comparable to a more intense and team-based jeopardy for high school students. It involves high-level trivia, close teamwork and fierce competition. This season, Loveland has seen more success than in recent years, holding #1 in the ECC for several weeks before slipping to #3.

“We’ve had a very good season so far, with our only loss being to Walnut Hills. We have a tournament coming up on the 22nd for Varsity, so we’re hoping to do well there. We’re currently in third place. We were in first for pretty much the whole time, but then we got dethroned,” explained coach and Spanish teacher, Abra Koch.
“Academic team is doing really well this year. They’re in the mix of possibly bringing an ECC championship home,” explained athletic director, Julie Renner. Read more about Loveland’s winter sports here.
Mrs. Koch and Mrs. Chast watch the players as they take on Anderson.

The sport is fairly complicated and involved. Two students operate buzzers, and a moderator asks questions and oversees the four players on each team.

“Each game has four sections. The first two are standard question rounds in which teams collaborate, the third is an alphabet round (in which all the answers must start with the same letter), and the last is a “lightning” round — more of a free for all,” explained JV academic team member and junior, Radu Vasilescu.

In round one, students compete to answer questions covering American literature, math, life science, fine arts and world history. Four students are given trivia questions, and are allowed to answer by buzzing in, as soon as they are confident in their answer .

In the first two rounds, there is an overarching topic (think jeopardy categories, but a little more broad). For example, English world literature may be Shakespearean works.

In round two, participants answer trivia involving English/world literature, government, physical science, world geography and US history. In round one and two, there are two team questions and one tossup.

Riley Owens and Henry Daumeyer during round 1


Jess Griffiths and Henry Daumeyer prepare to answer


Cole Swartz buzzes in

For the alphabet round, players are given twenty questions, each with answers starting with the same letter. Each correct answer is worth two points. Incorrect or blank answers do not result in penalties.

“On a team question, it is designated to a certain team. They have two guesses. If they are wrong both times, the other team can steal, but they only get one guess. The toss up is a free-for-all. Either team can guess at anytime, but they only have one guess,” explained Varsity academic team player and junior, Riley Owens.

Lightning round consists of 20 tossup questions in a row which are completely random, and follow no assigned topic.
Henry Daumeyer during an alphabet round


Laura Rountree and Radu Vasilescu during an alphabet round


“We choose players based upon performance and spread of knowledge. For example, I am marginally the best at alphabet, but I am not in the round because other people are needed to have a proper spread of knowledge of the many topics which may arise. You don’t put four people all good with the same things in a round even if they are the best because you’re going to miss out on some things. Auxiliary and support players really are crucial,” continued Owens.
The JV team meets to practice every Monday, and the Varsity team competes on Tuesdays. Participants practice individually through websites such as protobowl (where you can try your hand at the trivia and get an idea of the level of difficulty) in order to keep their skills sharp and to expand their range of knowledge.
Players have seen their hard work pay off, and are satisfied with the performance this season.
Riley Owens answers

“It’s been great. The most thrilling moment was with Kings. They had a really good guy who was virtually their entire team. We got really intimidated the first game, but we brought it back together the second game,” explained academic team member, Riley Owens.

“The best moment was probably rallying against Kings. We were losing quite a bit in the first match, but then they pulled it together in the second match and did an outstanding job. I was really proud to see them come back from a loss, and not be defeated,” explained coach and chemistry teacher, Jennifer Chast.


Moderator and librarian, Theresa Bosse

“In my opinion, the best part of the season has been the great convivial mood in the room after a smashing victory, when the whole team comes together.  Seeing effort pay off is more important than any reward,” explained Vasilescu.

Varsity academic team will compete in the AQT tournament on Wednesday the 22nd at 4 PM at Turpin.




SCA is the #1 killer of student athletes each year

Loveland, Ohio – Recently, an excellent opportunity was made available to athletes at Loveland High School. Loveland has partnered with mCORE™ — Mobile Cardiac Overview and Risk Evaluation — to screen athletes for the cardiac conditions and abnormalities which may put them at risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

mCORE partners with high schools and athletic organizations to give convenient and dependable heart screenings to students.

SCA is the #1 killer of student athletes each year, many of which could have been prevented with a simple examination like this. SCA is the result of unsuspecting cardiological disease or abnormalities which cause the heart to stop without warning or symptoms. Several student-athletes each year around the country are lost to this devastating tragedy, many of which could have been prevented with a simple examination like this.

Space is limited, Sign Up Today at or for more information on mCORE and SCA please see video below:

mCORE: Dedicated to preventing sudden cardiac death in young athletes from mCORE on Vimeo.


Please see the Details on the Screening Date and Time Below:

  • Date: Monday March 20, 2017
  • Time: 8 AM –  4 PM
  • Location: LHS Wrestling Room

The time requirement is approximately 10-12 minutes per athlete. Each athlete will be given an EKG and Echo screening.

These tests typically cost more than $2000 in a clinical setting. The cost to you is $75. (The screening age range is 14-22 years). (Please contact mCORE should financial hardship preclude you from taking part)

Parents may use their Healthcare Spending Account or Flex Care Spending Account. All screenings are performed by a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer and results are read by the mCORE Medical Director  Dr. Kenneth Berkovitz, MD, Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology and Internal Medicine. (Please contact mCORE should financial hardship preclude you from taking part)


For questions, call Chad Ogden at 614-648-4656

For the most up to date scores, results and information on LHS Teams, Programs and Student-Athletes, follow LovelandAthletics @Renner_AD.



by Sam Smith

Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland High School bowling teams currently sits towards the bottom of the ECC standings with men’s varsity bowling at sixth with four wins and eight losses in conference and seven wins and nine losses overall. Women’s bowling is currently hanging onto eighth (last) place in the ECC with one win and nine losses, and three wins and eleven losses overall. However, the season has not been a loss for the bowlers. They have seen considerable growth and look forward to a better season next year.


JV bowler, Jeffrey Scott


“Our JV team has had a really good season, they’ve been getting a lot better. The Varsity team has seen a lot of improvement. A lot of guys have really stepped up at key times. It’s definitely not been quite the season we’d hoped to have, but we’ve definitely got some younger guys stepping up and we’ve got some scores coming along, so if nothing else, in the next couple seasons I think we’ve got a lot of room to grow and I’ve got a lot of hope for the future,” said Varisty bowler and senior, Aaron Autin. Autin is consistently one of the top bowlers for Loveland.

Senior and Varsity bowler, Aaron Autin

Varsity currently maintains an improved score from the 2016 season, and the athletes claim to see improvement.

“We’ve done a lot better than last year, and we’re definitely improving as a team. We’ve got some bowlers that are up-and-coming. It’s been great to see the increasing scores of the incoming juniors,” explained Varsity bowler and junior, Wyatt French.

Micah Hicks competes against Walnut Hills
Casey Henry
JV bowler, Aidan Autin

The season has not been without challenges. The team has fought back to overcome their setbacks.

“We went on the road against Withrow. Their bowling place is one of the toughest to bowl at in the city. It’s hard to get good scores, and our team put up some really good scores. It was nice to hit some of the benchmarks we wanted to this season and to do it in one of the hardest locations,” explained Autin.


JV/Varsity bowler and Junior, Mikey Palma

The team may not have seen the winning season they had hoped for, but the team intends to keep moving up each season. They already have their eyes set on the next season.

JV bowler and Junior, Tommy Blair

“For me it’s been a lot of fun my senior season to see we’ve got a lot of young bowlers that are coming up and can continue the team after I leave,” concluded Aaron Autin.



By Sam Smith

As winter sports begin to wrap up, Loveland has seen mixed success. Wrestling and academic team have seen winning streaks and men’s basketball is fourth in the ECC with 6 wins and 5 losses. Women’s basketball player Katelyn Warden set a school record for number of three-point shots. Women’s basketball ranks 5th in the ECC bracket with 6 wins and 6 losses, and Men’s bowling holds #6 in the ECC with 4 losses vs 8 wins. Women’s bowling placed #7 in the ECC with 1 win and 9 losses. Several swimmers placed in the top ten in various competition, although the team as whole consistently ranked middle-of-the-road in their events.

Senior, Katelyn Warden set a school record for number of three-point shots.  (Loveland Magazine File Photo)


Junior, Tommy Blair

“Our teams have been doing pretty well. This whole season has been what I call the rollercoaster: we have our ups and our downs. Every program will go on a winning streak and then they’ll hit a little bit of a losing streak,” athletic director Julie Renner explained.

Men’s swimmers saw an up in the athletic rollercoaster when they ranked #3 in the 200 yard medley. freshman Brandon Day placed #10 in the IM 200 yard and #2 in the 100 yard backstroke and #7 in the 100 yard butterfly.  Senior Vaughn Richter placed #5 in the 50 yard freestyle. Senior Joe Carver scored #3 in the 1 meter dive.

“Last week was the ECC tournament, and there were a couple individuals that stood out, like Courtney Mennen. Brandon Day stood out, too,” Mrs. Renner explained in reference to the recent ECC swimming tournament.

“My best moment this season was achieving second place at our ECC championship meet in the 100 backstroke and make the podium with our current relay. This season has been a great experience for me and has been a lot of fun,” swimmer Brandon Day said.

Women’s swimmer, freshman Nami Cannon, placed #7 in the 200 yard freestyle and #6 in the 500 yard freestyle. Senior Courtney Mennen ranked #10 in the 50 yard freestyle and #8 in the 100 yard freestyle and #10 in the 500 yard freestyle and #4 in the 100 yard backstroke. In the 1 meter diving category, freshman Riley Bullock placed #3, sophomore Erin Albert followed in #4, freshman Shelby Cline placed #6 and freshman Allison Reynolds came in #10. In the 100 yard backstroke, sophomore Sarah Klenke placed #2 in the 100 yard backstroke


Senior, Nate Lawry in the Loveland Duals on January 28.

“Our wrestling team broke a record for the most dual wins in a season, and they were in the regional semifinals. They were up against Moeller, and Moeller beat them; however, their dual season record is 22 and 3. “I want to give them kudos to their team because there were a lot of people who thought they couldn’t have had a dual season like that,” explained Renner.

This year, our wrestling team is working through state duals and performing better than years past. Although they fell to Moeller, they consider their season a success. Renner expects some wrestlers to move onto state qualifiers

“This wrestling season for me has been been rewarding. The team as a whole has improved a lot from last year. I feel I have improved with them. We broke the seasonal dual win record and we got Coach Switzer his 150th win. Overall, it’s been a good year so far,” said wrestler and junior Cade Smeller. Wrestling is not the only team that has seen more success than in the past.

Coach Switzer (right) won his 150th game this season.

“Academic team is doing really well this year. They’re in the mix of possibly bringing an ECC championship home,” Julie Renner explained.

Academic team also saw one of the most successful seasons in recent years, currently holding onto 9 wins and two losses along with the first place in the ECC standings going into week, until loosing two back-to-back matches against Walnut Hills. They are now in 3rd place with a 9-3 record.

“It’s been great. The most thrilling moment was with Kings. They had a really good guy on the other team, who was virtually their entire team. We got really intimidated the first game, but we brought it back together the second game,” explained academic team member and junior Riley Owens.

Academic team will continue to the Academic Qualifying Tournament on Wednesday the 22nd at Turpin where they are likely to begin with a high seat in the tournament bracket.

“It’s competition out there. It’s hard sometimes, but we’re Tigers and we’re going to fight it out. I’m proud of what everyone’s been able to accomplish,” Renner said.




“We stand with Withrow and for all individuals who encounter the same battle, and we invite you to stand with us.”

By Sam Smith

Loveland High School Gym- Loveland, OH- On the evening of Saturday, January 28, Loveland womens varsity basketball team took on Withrow high school in the Loveland gymnasium. Loveland currently ranks #5 in the ECC ranking with a 5-6 win/loss. Withrow ranks #7 with a 3-8 win/loss. Both schools are members of the Eastern Cincinnati Conference family. Withrow High School was recently the victim of antisemitic, homophobic hateful vandalism. Withrow high school is 97% non-white and has claimed to extend a hand to all students of all creed, color and orientation. Withrow as a district community has come together along with the rest of Cincinnati to condemn the act of hate. Loveland began the game with a gesture of unity. Loveland High School has encouraged students to sign their name on a banner stating “We Stand With Withrow” and “End the Hate”.

Students sign their names in support of Withrow. Hundreds signed.

Withrow and Loveland hold the anti-hate message together
Both schools stand side-by-side

Loveland extended their support through a speech written by Junior, Tarah Wagner, to Withrow high school players and fans:

“Martin Luther King had a dream, so why can’t we? Why can’t we dream for a world when the social acts of racism are completely abolished and Americans can live as Americans should; safe and free of judgement.
As some may have seen, another local institution, Withrow High School, was defaced with racial slurs and slander. Tonight, Milford High School and Loveland High School have united to stand for the importance of love and appreciation toward individuals of all skin colors and ethnicity.
We stand together to uphold the many expectations set years ago, by brave and empowered individuals who simply stood for what they believed in. We stand with Withrow and for all individuals who encounter the same battle, and we invite you to stand with us. Thank you.”

Before the game, the two teams– Withrow Tigers and Loveland Tigers— did not begin the game separately. The two teams joined in one circle with hands together to cheer “go Tigers”.

Junior, Madi McDermott, reads a message promoting unity and an end to hate

As the game began, Withrow quickly took the lead and held on through the first quarter, with Loveland trailing 7-15. At halftime, Withrow held onto their lead with a score of 21-32.

Junior, Jenna Stanton
Katie McElveen goes for a layup in the first quarter
Junior, Anna Cooper, defends Loveland’s basket

During the third quarter, Loveland saw a comeback. At the end of the third quarter, Loveland lead by 36 to Withrow’s 34.

Anna Cooper prepares to take a foul shot
Coach Laughman gives the team a pre-game pep talk
Jillian Hayes encourages player Kate Garry
Katelyn Warden defends against Withrow
Madi McDermott scores for Loveland

Loveland beat Withrow 61-58, after Withrow scored a series of consecutive points near the end of the fourth quarter.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


1 2 3 4 T
WTH 15 17 4 22 58
LVL 7 14 21 19 61



Doneasha Brewer 6-15 0-0 2-6 14 5 19 1 5 1 4 5 14
Bria Canada 3-12 0-1 0-0 3 3 6 0 2 0 1 4 6
Ashley Brunner 0-3 0-1 1-2 1 1 2 0 1 1 2 3 1
Ciara McGhee 1-9 1-6 0-0 2 1 3 0 1 0 2 2 3
Desire Oats 0-1 0-0 0-0 1 0 1 0 0 0 2 2 0
Jerria White 7-22 5-10 6-8 2 0 2 6 2 0 5 1 25
Jaenay Hines 3-7 3-4 0-0 3 1 4 1 6 0 2 1 9
20-69 9-22 9-16 26 11 37 8 17 2 18 18 58
29.0% 40.9% 56.3%
Jillian Hayes 5-10 0-0 6-9 4 4 8 2 2 4 5 4 16
Madi McDermott 0-3 0-1 3-3 2 3 5 4 1 1 4 3 3
Courtney Henthorn 4-5 0-0 0-0 3 4 7 2 1 0 2 3 8
Katelyn Warden 3-13 1-7 0-0 1 3 4 5 2 1 3 1 7
Jenna Stanton 1-2 0-0 0-0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 2
Kate Garry 5-6 5-6 1-4 1 3 4 2 3 0 3 0 16
Taylor Thole 2-3 0-0 0-1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 4
Anna Cooper 2-3 0-0 1-2 2 2 4 1 2 0 4 0 5
22-45 6-14 11-19 13 21 34 17 11 6 23 11 61
48.9% 42.9% 57.9%




Top 3 finishers from last weekend’s ECC Swim and Dive Championship

Mens 200 Free Relay

– 3rd- Evan Dial, Sam Ward, Brandon Day, Vaughn Richter

Womens 100 Back-

Sarah Klenke- 2nd

Courtney Mennen- 3rd

Mens 100 Back-

Brandon Day- 2nd


Riley Bullock – 3rd

Results from last weekend’s Loveland Wrestling Duals

Congrats to our 2016-17 Varsity Wrestling Team on breaking the school record for the most Dual Wins in a season.

Congrats to our Blake Poteet on winning all 5 of his matches this weekend with 5 pins in the least amount of time per match.

Congrats to our Senior, Nate Lawry, at 152 lbs, earning the MVP honors for our Loveland Duals.



Senior Day and Swim Meet at Countryside YMCA vs. Kings and Ursuline. January 28.

Womens Basketball

Lost at McNicholas 59 – 54.

Defeated Withrow 61 – 58 on January 28th at home.

Mens Basketball

Defeated Milford at home Tuesday 56 – 42.

Beat Kings in the Tiger gym Friday 41 – 35 to take sole possession of 2nd place in the ECC.

Dive Team

The Loveland Dive Team will host their annual Loveland Dive Invitational this Thursday, January 26th at Miami University in the Corwin-Nixon Aquatic Center starting at 6:45 PM.


Men are 3-7, 6-8. Women are 1-7, 3-9. Both teams play Walnut hills on February 1 and 2.


Academic Team

The Academic Teams Is undefeated (9-1) and compete February 1 against Walnut Hills (8-2).

Team LOVE the LOVE 2.0

Loveland senior, Leah Jordan was recently nominated to join the 2017 Student of the Year campaign for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and over the next several weeks, she will be working to raise money, awareness, and find a cure for blood cancers. When Jordan was 9, she was diagnosed with AML, Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. This year, Jordan will celebrate 8 years cancer free.

On this mission, Jordan asked her closest friends and family to join her in her fundraising efforts and Team Love the Love 2.0 was formed. They have set an ambitious goal of $10,000 and have until February 24th to raise the funds. To support Team Love the Love 2.0, donations or purchasing a t-shirt can be done by visiting

Also, following the Friday night basketball game, the LHS Student Council will host a Dodge Ball Tournament on Tiger Court. All proceeds from the Dodge Ball Games go directly towards Team Love the Love 2.0.

Winter National College Signing Day is on Wednesday, Feb. 1st, 2:30 PM in the LHS Gymnasium

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Turning Point USA is not what it seems. Let’s take a closer look.
An Editorial by Sam Smith

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) is a conservative and controversial activist organization. According to their website, “Turning Point USA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded on June 5, 2012 by Charlie Kirk. The organization’s mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.” Loveland began their own Turning Point USA division this year.  

Here’s what it comes down to: Turning Point, funded by Republican politicians, promotes backwards and extreme-right views among students in an attempt to shift educational entities to the right.

TPUSA is not what it markets itself as — it is not a partisan organization intended to spark discussion. It’s attempting to form a group of socially regressive young people in America. However, Loveland’s TPUSA chapter has a right to exist. The club is not violating any rules or trying to indoctrinate other students.

The administration originally asked the club to disassociate with Turning Point due to controversy and questions over whether an outside organization can have a club in Loveland.

The organization has come under considerable fire for their “Professor Watchlist”: a McCarthy-era shame gimmick website intended to aggregate a list of liberal college professors. You can’t make this stuff up. On the front page of the site, it appears to be an attempt to name teachers who promote white genocide and deny the holocaust. However, a deeper look into the website proves it targets professors who write editorials about gun ownership and make posts on social media the group doesn’t agree with.

TPUSA is pro-fossil fuel, anti-global warming and anti-taxation — ideas already so dated that speak for themselves. The slogan of the organization is “Big Government Sucks”. Loveland is one of the many divisions run out of public schools.

“We have clubs like yoga, pizza, and we’re thinking about rock climbing and a couple others I’m working on. A club has to follow the same school rules. The same policies of a normal school day continue — a club is considered a continuation of the school day so the same rules must be followed. Really, the only requirement is that you have to have an adviser and teacher that wants to support the club. Turning Point was proposed to me. Initially, my reaction was ‘oh, cool. It’s a political club, we’re good to go.’ Then I started seeing some of the language that turning point used,” said assistant principal Matt Buis.

This is real, and they take it seriously

Turning Point USA’s website contains publications some would consider controversial. For example, one publication called 10 Ways Fossil Fuels Improve our Daily Lives offered on their website aims to “open your eyes to the benefits of fossil fuels and dispels any myths that are perpetuated by your leftist professors on college campuses today.” The pamphlet is worth a read for a laugh. It claims that fossil fuels cure diseases and that moving to renewable energy will cause millions to lose heating. Not to mention that any educator teaching peer-reviewed science is labeled leftist myth-makers. 

Other publications include The Case Against Gun Control and 5 Reasons Big Government Is The Real War On Women. Another publication Urban Failure, is described on the TPUSA website as, “the story of many of America’s once great cities that have been ruined by liberal politicians and big government policies.” Another pamphlet begins with “I specifically saw a parallel between the rationing of food in the movie and the rationing of healthcare that Obamacare will create. After some further research it became clear that Obamacare is the real life version of The Hunger Games”. This piece literally paints an apocalyptic dystopia created by the Affordable Care Act. 

Personally, I am one of the nearly 30 million Americans and one of many Lovelanders insured by Obamacare that would otherwise have no access to healthcare. While I would never claim it’s perfect, I doubt that the affordable care act will ever lead to the end of civilization as we know it.

This group literally downplays sexual assault and paints victims as overly sensitive. On the website, founder Charlie Kirk refutes the statistically supported claim that 1 in 4 college-aged women are assaulted:

“One of the most blatant structural issues with the survey run by AAU was the definition of sexual assault. The survey contained questions that equated inappropriate touching ie: “touching someone’s breast, chest, crotch, groin or buttocks—grabbing, groping or rubbing against the other in a sexual way, even if the touching is over the other’s clothes” with sexual assault. Acts such as these, while they may be uncomfortable and unwanted, take away from the seriousness of acts such as rape. There exists a need for a uniform description for what qualifies as sexual assault”

According to, “Sexual assault is any type of sexual activity, including rape, that you do not agree to. Also called sexual violence or abuse, sexual assault is never your fault.”

Charlie Kirk and TPUSA does not get to decide what sexual assault is. TPUSA does not have a right to downplay sexual assault. This is victim-shaming. This is wrong.

At first this whole situation seemed comical to me, but looking further into the organization, it has become clear that it takes these views completely seriously and intends to indoctrinate the next generation of voters with their absurd and destructive ideas. The goal of this club is not to educate. The goal is to brainwash. This is something parents, teachers and administrators deserve to know about. However, the club isn’t breaking any rules and the school has found no reason to remove or change the group as they originally planned on proposing.

“While we are aware of the controversial nature of Turning Point USA, our chapter will retain our affiliation with the national organization. We will not rebrand ourselves simply due to the fact that we are a political club. The Loveland chapter of Turning Point USA has the right to exist just as the Loveland chapters of FCA [a club for Christian Athletes], NHS [National Honors Society], etc. also have the right to exist,” Loveland’s TPUSA chapter said in a statement to Loveland Magazine.

Turning point is, for the participants, a space to discuss and debate political ideologies such as electoral college and presidential elections. Loveland TPUSA has given awards, shared pizza and movies around political discourse. The club recently met with Loveland’s mayor Mark Fitzgerald.

“They have a message that they want to spread. They can spread that within the club. I just said you can’t go around putting stuff up. You’re allowed to have the club. But, they’re not outwardly going out of their way to throw their beliefs on others. They’re not trying to make it a big outspoken thing where they do protests. That’s not what they’re about,” assistant principal Mr. Buis explained.

The group has worked with Loveland Magazine and the school administration respectfully, carefully and responsibly. I think that Loveland’s chapter is a good group of people discussing conservative politics. That’s okay. Encouraging political action is a good thing. But Turning Point USA’s views as an association are not acceptable.

There’s not much that can be done about this– the club isn’t breaking rules and, therefore, is here to stay. However, as a community, we must make it clear that TPUSA’s claims do not represent the reasonable general public. TPUSA is fostering social regression. The only option we have is to fight back against the broken political ideologies and voice relevant and progressive ideas.

Let’s leave dated political stances in the past.


by Sam Smith

Historic Downtown Loveland, OH-  Despite controversy over the eventChristmas in Loveland was a success. On the rainy evening of Saturday, December 17th, Loveland united in holiday spirit to draw visitors and customers to the downtown area.

Christmas in Loveland is a yearly event held in Historic Loveland, and helps draw commerce and cheer to Loveland through a live nativity scene, carriage rides, ice carving, Santa Claus, and a number of other events scattered throughout the city. The event began in 1987, and is, for many, a highlight of the holiday season.

Junior, Anthony Bober, plays holiday music on clarinet outside the Loveland Bike Rental shop

Outside of The Running Spot, a live nativity scene was held, featuring live animals and angels on the roof. Visitors were given the opportunity to roast chestnuts over an open fire, or just drink free hot chocolate and eat cookies. Christmas in Loveland is, to no surprise, a Christian-oriented event. However, it is a commercial event, too.

The live nativity scene

Paxton’s Grill offered hot chocolate, Pizazz provided face-painting, and Comey & Shepherd and Branches Church provided a photo booth. Whistle Stop Clay Works sold and gave away hand-made ornaments and held a bonfire. Tano Bistro provided bread pudding, and Loveland Hardware offered Scrooge Snowball Throw.  Diamond Quality Clean and Prince of Peace Church held holiday crafts for children.

Carolers outside of Loveland Sweets

At the new Graters in downtown Loveland, wind and strings groups played holiday songs. Inside Graters, children decorated cookies.

Delaney (cello), Cameron Mackenzie (viola), Laura Rountree (violin), Claire Hasenoehrl (violin) and Jace Niven (violin) play music in Graters
Loveland High School Senior, Claire Hasenoehrl
Children decorate cookies at Graters

Loveland Stage Company held a free open house performance, Step Into Christmas. The event was intended to showcase their actors and musicians. The show was about half an hour, and contained a variety of Christmas performance pieces.

Loveland Stage Company’s Step Into Christmas opener
See Loveland Stage Company’s 2016/2017 schedule here

Mosaic Church sponsored an escape room, across from Loveland Canoe and Kayak. The escape room consisted of trailers filled with challenges. Each contender had only seven minutes to try to escape from the trailers.

Next to the Plaid Room Records at the Jackson Street Market there was food carts, and vendors set up tents.


Vendors outside of Plaid Room Records on the and The Loveland Bike Trail

Three horse-drawn carriages made loops around Nisbet Park. Christmas in Loveland improved their horse carriage system from last year, cutting down on waits.

Horse-drawn carriages drew visitors

The Loveland Fire Department held ice-carving demonstrations. An ice-carver quickly created impressive Christmas-themed sculptures as rain began to fall.

Impressive holiday-themed carvings

Festive ice carving at the fire station
A young Lovelander feels the holiday spirit, thanks to Christmas in Loveland

Although details are yet to be announced for next year’s Christmas in Loveland, it is unlikely to be any less festive or impressive.




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