Mayor now instructs citizens to look at Council when they speak at meetings

Loveland, Ohio – Resident, Tom Calarco got serious at the council meeting on April 11 when he addressed Mayor Mark Fitzgerald, saying, “Perhaps the greatest treasure our nation has passed down to us as citizens is the Bill of Rights, and first among equal – is freedom of speech. It gives us the right to express our opinion, whether right or wrong, about anything we see fit, without penalty or retribution.”

Barely having begun his prepared remarks, Calarco turned to make an extraneous comment to the audience behind him. He was immediately interrupted by Fitzgerald who instructed him to direct his comments towards the council table.

It was then that Calarco gave the Mayor an ear-full, lecture about a letter five residents recently received from Fitzgerald’s attorney, in his “Capacity as the Mayor.” The letter was a precursor to a defamation lawsuit. Fitzgerald has alleged the citizens have made possible defaming comments about him. Read and watch the videos about the letter residents received: [Exclusive Video] “We will rise!” – Shouting matches erupt at council meeting

Calarco said, “It is my opinion that the current Mayor is not acting in the best interests of the Loveland community, but has personal motives that will benefit himself. To combat those opposing him, the Mayor has filed a suit to seize the personal information of those who don’t agree with him. This is a violation of the 4th and 5th amendments which protect us from unreasonable search and seizures and the protection of life, liberty, and property.”

Calarco also said that if the City wants background checks on everyone who participates as vendors in public events, the public might want to see the background checks of council members. He said that maybe the public would like to be informed about their own private life. He said, “Maybe we should subject everyone on Council to a background check. I think perhaps a lot of the the citizens here, would approve.”


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