Hoping Flocking Flamingos fly all over Loveland

Trisha Faingold and Becky Hains are members of the Loveland High School After Prom Parent Committee. They were recently at a basketball game promoting “You’ve Been Flocked”. Faingold said, “Each year the committee raises funds to host a fun, safe, alcohol and drug free event for juniors and seniors to attend after their Prom. It is an event that is entirely one hundred percent parent and community funded.”

The After Prom is being held at Scene 75 in Milford this year.

Flamingo flocking is one of the fundraising projects they do each year to raise money for After Prom.

For a donation of $10, a request can be made for a flock of flamingos to be placed in the yard of someone’s home. The flock will remain there with a sign stating “You’ve Been Flocked by the LHS After Prom” for a twenty-four hour period.

Faingold said, “It is hoped that then the flock will be requested to move on to another unsuspecting family’s yard and the flamingos continue to fly all over Loveland. We are also looking for families or student groups to volunteer a week of their time to be the Flamingo Handlers – the ones responsible for moving the flock from yard to yard.”


Flocking Insurance

To keep from being flocked again you can make an optional $10 donation to purchase Flocking insurance .


Contact Trisha (Flamingo) Faingold at trfaingold@gmail.com or 513-692-9010 to become a Flamingo Handler or to volunteer to help with the After Prom.

Sign up to flock someone at http://signup.com/go/snGeZ8
Grab a “Flock of Pink Flamingos” and stick them in a yard! Its’s that easy!

Faingold says it is your job is to dust off your “Ninja Skills” and “Stick a flock of flamingos in a yard.” You go back 24 hours later and pick up the flock and the bag of money left on their front door. Then see who that person wants to flock next and you start all over.  


Each sign-up is for a week of Flamingo Flocking
Pick up your flock on Sunday and return it on Saturday
Download: Flamingo Flocking Form

Contact Trisha Faingold for more information: trfaingold@gmail.com or 513-692-9010.




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