[quote_left]Children attended Loveland Primary school and Loveland Early Childhood Center this past year[/quote_left]Below is the appeal Loveland school teachers are making to the greater community to help two of their students and their mom and dad replace their life possessions when a fire struck their Loveland apartment last week.

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Loveland Family Fire Relief Fund

During the morning on June 2nd, a Loveland Family experienced tragedy and lost everything in an apartment fire.  Everyone was able to make it out safely and is currently residing in a nearby hotel. The apartment was home to a mother, father, and two young children.

The children attended Loveland Primary school and Loveland Early Childhood Center this past year. Now, the family is having to purchase everything from toiletries, to clothes, to food, to furniture, and although nothing can replace what they lost, we are working as a community to help them get back on their feet.

So far, the LPS and LES communities have donated clothes, gift cards, and toiletries to the family, and we are so thankful to those involved in the efforts!  We would like to continue these efforts and ask those of you who are able to donate.  As a Loveland family, we would like to help this family rebuild their home and assist them as much as possible during this devastating time. 

Any amount or donation would be greatly appreciated!


You can help these children get back on their feet and make the best of their Summer break by going to the GoFundMe page, Loveland Family Fire Relief Fund and making a generous donation now.



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