1. “take turns like supposed to do”. No turn taking is required like at a 4-way stop. Traffic entering must yield to those in the circle. Those in the circle have the right of way.

  2. The roundabout had reduced traffic congestion alot, but the major thing is that people DO NOT know how to use one, they continue to just drive through, tailgating the person that went through in front of them first, or just plainly don’t yield for others and take turns like supposed to do. Not sure if better signage should be used, or maybe a class to teach how to use it. Dumb it down for those who can’t seem to grasp the simple kindergarten concept of this age old design.

    • My only reason for not “loving it” is the people driving it. I have almost rear ended people who stop at the yield when there are no cars in sight. I have also seen someone stop IN the circle to let a car enter! It does help the traffic issue a lot though.

  3. Lived in Northern Indy area for a few years where roundabouts are common. Love them and this one as well…keeps traffic moving without the backups stop signs cause.

  4. The mound in the center circle creates a blind spot when traveling on Fields Ertel toward Meijer. It is difficult — impossible, at night, depending on the size of the vehicles — to see the traffic entering the circle from Fields Ertel traveling in the opposite direction. A fast-moving vehicle can easily enter the circle without being detected — until the crash. I am curious why this blind spot is deliberately created with the mound.

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