by Peter Weisgerber,

My family and I have witnessed first hand all of the sacrifices my dad, Rob Weisgerber, has made for the betterment of the city he loves and its over 12,000 residents. Nothing he has done in last 20 years has been self serving. He has given up time with family and friends. He has come home early from vacations. He has missed games and practices. Do I wish he were at those events? Of course. But I couldn’t be prouder. I knew he was missing those things because he truly cared about Loveland and what happened to it and its citizens.

He has weathered all of the recent verbal abuse, lies, attacks and back stabbing with such dignity. He is an amazing example of what a husband, father and grandfather should be. My dad is honest and upfront. He has ALWAYS made decisions while on council not thinking “how does this benefit me?”, but “how does this benefit the people of Loveland?”. He is the smartest man I know and the citizens of The Sweetheart of Ohio are lucky to have had him working for them all of these years and for the years to come.

If the residents didn’t want him on council, they wouldn’t have voted for him time and time again.

A common sentiment I hear over and over is that Loveland City Council needs “fresh faces” and a “new start”. In my opinion, I would rather have someone advocating for me that has an established background and has the experience of 20 years of service, than someone “fresh” who doesn’t understand the processes or what has worked (or hasn’t worked) in the past. After all, when starting a new job, don’t we all seek out the people who have been there the longest for help and advice?

I also believe my dad has a lot more to bring to the table than just his experience as someone who has seen the ups and downs of Loveland politics. While having this past knowledge is something no other candidate can offer, it’s not the only aspect of his campaign that should be focused upon. He has, and will continue to come up with new, creative and cost effective ways to serve the citizens of Loveland.

Another common “argument” is that my dad is part of some “political machine” that has had the power to solely run the city of Loveland for the last two decades. Because of this, some think term limits need to be enacted to help give everyone a chance to be on council. If the residents didn’t want him on council, they wouldn’t have voted for him time and time again. Proper credit needs to be given to the people who have been happy with the hard work and intelligence he has brought and will continue to bring to Loveland politics.

My whole life, my dad has imbued a work ethic in me and my brothers that he has shown through and through during his time on council:

“If something is worth doing, do it to the best of your ability”

“Always do what is right, as opposed to what is easy”

“No shortcuts, take pride in your work”

The City of Loveland is lucky to have someone like Rob Weisgerber working tirelessly to improve all aspects of life for those who live, work and visit.

I am so blessed to have him as a role model in my life, and the lives of my children, and I am proud to share him with all 12,000 of you.

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  1. A tree can be judged by its fruit. Mr. Weisgerber is blessed to have such outstanding children, which are in every regard a reflection of both who he and his wife are as individuals.

    We need the steady hand of experience to guide us as a community and help us get back on track.

    This is why Mr. Weisgerber has my vote this fall.

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