Morlan Osgood, Jackson Manly ,and 3rd grade teacher, Molly Rocket

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland 3rd grade teacher Molly Rocket gave her class the assignment of finding and writing about someone who is doing good things in the community. Jackson Manly took to Googling and ran across articles in Loveland Magazine about 2016 Loveland High School graduate Morlan Osgood who is now studying at Princeton.

With the help of teachers, Jackson was able to get in touch with Morlan. Jackson interviewed Morlan on the phone and finished his writing assignment, but also wanted to meet her in person. The two got together on Jackson’s last day of classes before winter break. Morlan was home in Loveland, also on her break.

The goal of the assignment, besides improving writing skills, was for the students to get inspired and do their own good works, or perform random acts of kindness at home, school, or around the community.

This LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video is from their meet-up. Jackson talks about what random acts of kindness he did. Morlan presents Jackson with a gift and talks about her work at Princeton. Rocket talks about why she gave her students the assignment.

Here is the essay Jackson wrote:

Below are flyers for the STEMs For Youth Classes that inspired Jackson. Morlan talked about Jackson one day being a leader in the camps that Morlan hosts and gave him a certificate to attend a camp. Click the link to learn more.




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