Thank you for this article. What a service.

I want to make a donation, but I don’t like to pay via pay pal, etc.  If you tell me your address, I’ll send a check.  I really appreciate your videos of events in Loveland, exp. the council meetings.  Too bad you aren’t able to video as you did in the past.  Thanks.


You do a great job keeping us informed! Thanks for all your hard work. (Town hall issue takes me back to the White Pillars era!)

One of your finer moments as a publisher/editor. 

And you have had ever so many already. I’m proud to call you a friend. Keep up the good work.

Bang on Willie. And kudos to LM editor for publishing it.

Thanks again for all you do, the free advertising for fire donations is awesome.

What a great issue!

I really appreciated Sam’s article — as well as the images. I’m very appreciative of his work on this. 

What a fabulous project (Sue and Owen Wilhoite: Mom and son duo teach in Loveland 1st grade classroom) and product! Congratulations on this!

Wow, great issue!

I feel like you are the Heart of the Heart.

Thank you for publishing this.  It looks fantastic!

I support the Loveland Magazine. Thank you,Dave for your time and energy that you put into it.

You do excellent work!

Thanks for sharing these photos.  Amazing how high and quick the water got.

Wow, that was fast! Thanks… I’ve seen it now on Twitter and FB, too! Shows the reach of on-line over print.

Just wanted to tell you that this was an extraordinary issue–and not just because there was a story about L.I.F.E.  Your coverage of all of the events in Loveland was comprehensive and got the word out that people need to hear.

Thank you so much for your presence in our community.

Thank you so much for helping us gain some exposure for the event. (I saw you posted the information early this week.) I look forward to seeing you and your grand daughter on the 18th.

Thank you for the photo!! It was great to see you!

Thank you for speaking up and speaking out, as well as exposing this act.

Thanks David for keeping us up to date!  Government by the people, of the people and for the people……must not perish from this earth!

Thanks for helping to promote Loveland and the artists that call it home!

The story is great! We’ve already received several requests for shirts. 

Thanks for all your help in getting Jackson and Morlan together.  I think it really speaks to how valuable your Loveland Magazine is to our Loveland Community.

It was written more than “ok”, good buddy.

It was bang on ….hammer on the nail. 

Well done. 

WOW!   What can we say, but thank you for that minute of needed cheer!  We’ll be honest, we were so choked up and we couldn’t hold back the tears.  I ran to the bathroom because I didn’t want the nurses at the hospital to see me crying. David, I will never doubt your genuine friendship and love for others.  You are an amazing man that I respect greatly. I know this only to be true because of our friendship first, but then to see what you post.  You care and it means a great deal to all of us in the Loveland community.  We appreciate everything you do. 

Thank you so very much for posting that! I broke down in tears and had to leave the room. He couldn’t believe they did that for him. I am overwhelmed to say the least.  What is the best way to thank the cheer team?

You are amazing. Thank you so much for your help with this!

Congratulations David Miller for having the courage to buck an awful trend right and say what you said, no to Trump!! I’ve only had a small council job in Milford, but that man has no clue how to govern equitably for all of us!  Thank you, stay strong.

Thank you, Loveland Magazine, for publishing a common-sense endorsement. In a town with many outspoken Trump supporters, this was a risk, and I applaud the honesty. 

I love your work, what you do for Loveland….the picture you posted of my son. Soccer is wonderful. I’m going thru some rugged times but once I’m on my feet, I will do what I can to pitch in.

Thank you for the front page promotion, David!!!

I want to publicly thank the Loveland Magazine for its continuing support of the Loveland Police Department. We must find a way to heal the division in this country before more lives are lost.

David, this is such a really heart warming message. Thank you so much. 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful message.

Thank you for that, David. It’s one of my favorite poems. Katie read it for Mitch’s funeral and has silence the pianos tattooed on her arm. What a sad day for our country. I fear things will worsen until there is better control of weapons and communication between races and “establishment”. Peace seems so far away. 

Dear Dave,

That was beautiful! What is happening with people? Why so much hate? It is terrible that those things happens. In Venezuela it is the same, day by day people get murdered because of nothing….terrible!

We have to pray for the world!

Bless you.

Well said.  Thank you. You rock this town. 

Beautifully done!!!!

I like your article, condolences for the police, thank you.


I am very thankful for your very gracious gesture. I am in the middle of writing an article on this topic. I will get back with you shortly. 

I watched both of the July 4 videos you posted on Loveland Magazine.  You did a wonderful job showcasing Loveland businesses and the event.  Thank you for all you do for Loveland.

I think this is a brilliant response on free speech! 

Too few people actually understand the freedoms, and limitations thereof, granted by our Constitution and its amendments. Thank you for this simple explanation.

So well done, sir – 

David, thank you so much. I appreciate your help in keeping the memory of Seth going in the Loveland community.

Amazing coverage. What a gift you give. 

Your Welcome – really enjoy Loveland Magazine – much continued success!

Thank you for your great story on the solution! 

You have been so kind and fair to the market the last two months. Thank you very much and thanks for the super vision on POP Easter services. You rock! 

Damn… You’re on a roll with all the breaking news.

Good Morning Dave – I wanted to thank you for sharing The LBC’s address to council. It has created many conversations; a good thing. Take Care.

You do great things! 

Thank you for you diligent hard work. I always get my local news from your website.  You do a GREAT job! 

Thanks Dave for the election results.

Thanks, Dave! We appreciate you sharing about “Mix it Up.” Hope all is well!

Thank you.  It’s really good news for Loveland and Loveland schools, too. 

Hi Dave , My family and I would like to thank you for your compassion and support of our daughter. You have always been such a great supporter and we have never even met. You’re a wonderful person Dave and God Bless you. Thank you so very much.

You’re awesome! I really appreciate your coverage on this and all things Loveland:)

Thanks so much for posting about the Loveland Show at Nisbet park.

You do so much for the Loveland community: keeping council honest, helping the Canoe & Kayak Livery, promoting local charities & schools, just to name a few.

Thanks so much for all you do and know that you are very much appreciated.

Great photo of the lightning strike David!

What a shot! Loveland Magazine never sleeps 🙂


I really appreciate the light you are shedding on the plight of the Loveland canoe and Kayak folks. I hope that the city does the right thing!

I guess you did your job well, because this article is making me furious. The thing is, if they leave,  someone else will find a way to make it work, which eliminates their leverage – even more enraging. 

You really made their case in a way that people will feel. I hope city council behaves honorably. ..

Really appreciate this.  Thanks so much!  Very helpful information.

Nice research and write-up. This is not at all surprising as it is how large scale development gets done these days…some deals are significantly more complex…look where development is “hot” and you’ll see even more increased complexity.

Interesting information about the new apartment development in Loveland. Some secret meetings, closed door agreements, a lot of public funding for a commercial development. Good job Loveland Magazine uncovering this information.

What an incredible spirit! David, you do the work of love.

I love the feature LHS graduation image! These kids and parents are soooooooo lucky to have you cover this and publish it! And love the image with you and Martin Schickel! 

You are brilliant.

The work you are doing is wonderful!

This paper is Outstanding!

I wanted to tell you how sorry I am that I can’t go to this year’s talent slam. Our CMH School auction is tonight, too. Damn. Two great event on the same night! I know it will be awesome and I can’t wait for vimeos and pictures from the night.

Have a wonderful evening and know that I really wish I could be there.  It is such a fantastic event and it helps to raise awareness for suicide.



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