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EDITOR’S NOTE: Loveland Magazine invites all candidates for public office in the 45140 zip code or within the Loveland City School District boundary to send a Candidate Statement and .jpg headshot for publication. Send to lovelandmagazine@cinci.rr.com


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Tim Butler launches Loveland council campaign

Halie Rebeccaschild: “Mark Fitzgerald’s pathetic attempt to discredit those brave enough…

Fitzgerald’s long time “Running-Mate” talked about his friend

Mark Fitzgerald resigns as Loveland Mayor and council member new mayor and vice-mayor sworn into office

Tonight’s special council meeting omits open forum – Other recall news

Mayor does not need to call a “Special Meeting” to comply…

[BREAKING] Loveland Mayor calls for Special Meeting of Council

Recall of Mayor Mark Fitzgerald is “On” again

Fitzgerald files appeal on recall decision

Kent Blair launches Loveland council campaign featuring resident engagement platform

[BREAKING] Board of Elections gives Loveland Mayor 5 days to resign…

Ned Portune is a candidate for the Loveland School Board of Education

[VIDEO] Interview with Halie Rebeccaschild after turning in Fitzgerald recall petitions for 2nd time.

Three candidates officially file for Council and School Board seats

[Video] Fitzgerald Re-Call Petitions delivered to Elections Board
Secretary Husted certifies signatures for Marsy’s Law ballot initiative
What you should know about recall elections
What does Loveland Charter say about electing/recalling Mayor?
Here’s what Vice-Mayor Settle didn’t want you to know
[Exclusive Video] Oury will run to replace Fitzgerald in recall election
Mark Fitzgerald is Loveland’s new Mayor by secret ballot
[Exclusive Video] “We will rise!” – Shouting matches erupt at council meeting
Mark Fitzgerald is Loveland’s new Mayor by secret ballot

Loveland, Ohio – As of Friday, July 24, according to the Hamilton County Board of Elections, the following have picked up petition packets to run for Loveland Council, however, none have submitted their petitions to the Board.

No one has picked up petition packets to run for Loveland School Board.

Loveland Council 

Todd Osborne

Arthur E. (Ted) Phelps, Jr.

Pamela Gross

Dave Heimbach, the Administrative Associate at the Hamilton County Board said on Friday, “Loveland Council and Loveland School Board have not had any petition filings, to date. There could be others, not on our list, circulating petitions. The deadline for Loveland Council and Loveland School Board petition filings is August 9 at 4 PM”

Loveland School Board Open Seats (3 to be elected – 4 year term)

Dave Blumberg – Term Expires 12/31/17

Tim Taggart – Appointed to the Board in 2017 to fill the remainder of term vacated by Linda Pennington, Term Expires 12/31/17

Michele Pettit – Term Expires 12/31/17

Open Loveland Council Seats (4 to be elected – 4 year term)

Pam Gross – Term Ends: 12/04/2017

Ted Phelps – Term Ends: 12/04/2017

Robert Weisgerber – Term Ends: 12/04/2017

Stephen Zamagias – Term Ends: 12/04/2017

Loveland resident, Neil Oury is currently circulating petitions for a re-call of Loveland Mayor, Mark Fitzgerald. If Oury’s petition drive is successful, he will ask voters in November to give him the remainder of Fitzgerald’s term which expires 12/02/2019. ([Video] Fitzgerald Re-Call Petitions delivered to Elections Board)

Loveland Magazine has sent an email to all of these potential candidates, asking if they plan on running.


Loveland School Board member, Michele Pettit replied, “I will be running again this fall. Since I have been out of town I will be picking up my packet next week.”

Loveland Councilmember Rob Weisgerber replied, “Yes I do.”

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