Student word-doctors dress the part as they get creative with contractions!

Twenty-six LPS students in Jennifer Hilton’s class dressed as doctors to “perform surgery” on words to make contractions.

Loveland, Ohio – Is there a doctor in the house?

Why yes, 26 of them actually, at Loveland Primary School (LPS).

Teacher Jennifer Hilton’s second-grade class (medical school graduating class of 2035) recently performed surgery on several words to make contractions..  The students practiced when and where to place the apostrophe (known to the class as a “bandage”). 

“I used this approach because it was very engaging for the students,” said Hilton. “Hopefully this lesson will be something that really solidified the contraction rules for them.”

According to Mrs. Hilton, the words are recovering nicely and are expected to have had a very speedy recovery.

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