by Pam Gross,

The 2017 Loveland City Election is about the future of our community. Loveland is changing, young families are moving here, new businesses are opening, and existing businesses are adapting to the changes in our community. These new stakeholders, along with those who make up our history, deserve a leader who understand the changes, embraces them, and has the vision to continue this vibrancy and growth.

I am that leader, I have a record of success and I have a plan for the future. Over the last four years I have led an effort to bring more revenue into our community through strategic growth, implementing innovative methods to collect already owed money, and bring new professional minds into our city government through committee appointments. I did all of this without asking the residents of Loveland for a tax increase.

I am that leader, I have a record of success and I have a plan for the future.

In my second term I plan on moving forward with a city government and resident engaged plan on the City Hall development, continue to bring our new residents to the table through our committees, and continue to assist in the growth of our new and current businesses throughout our entire community. This plan will support the ideas of our longtime residents, while bringing the new stakeholders to the table. For Loveland to grow, and be here for a new generation of families, we must not fear new people and new ideas. We must work with them. I will represent all of Loveland over the next four years.

During my campaign I have talked about the concept of a Loveland that is Prouder, Stronger, Better. We embrace our history, we celebrate what is happening today and look forward to a positive future. Four years ago, I saw a Loveland that had a lot of potential but needed new leadership and vision. I decided to run for office, and I won my first term in 2013. During my first term I have a record of success at city hall and in my second term I will continue moving forward and not ask the taxpayers to foot the bill.

Pam Gross is a member of Loveland Council and is running for re-election

To quote a hero of mine – you need to ask yourself is Loveland better off today than four years ago. I believe it is, that is why I ask you to vote for Pam Gross on November 7th


  1. The rest of us have a plan too, Pam. The question is not whether Loveland is better than it was 4 years ago – which it’s not – but whether it’s on the right path for the next 4 years. Today, you will hear our answer, loud and clear.

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