Fred Barnes Emergency Services Scholarship



by Sean Rahe,

Loveland Police Chief, Sean Rahe

The Loveland Police Department, Loveland Police Officer’s Association(LPOA) and the Loveland Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association(LCPAAA) are proud to announce the establishment of a scholarship program for Loveland community students interested in pursuing a career as an emergency responder. 

The idea for the scholarship began in early 2017. The number of candidates applying for law enforcement and fire service positions in the Cincinnati area had been decreasing dramatically for several years. In addition, Officer Fred Barnes, the first school resource officer in Loveland’s history, was retiring after a long and impressive career. If you had a child in the Loveland school system you know Fred’s impact on the Loveland community cannot be exaggerated. 

The Loveland Police Department, LPOA and LCPAAA began discussing a project to mark this moment. We wanted to benefit the community as a whole, benefit the emergency services profession, encourage education, and recognize Fred Barnes’ extraordinary impact on our community. The Emergency Services Scholarship was born.

In February the group completed the application process and presented the scholarship to Loveland City Schools, Moeller High School, Ursuline Academy and Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy for the 2018-2019 school year. Each year the scholarship will be named for an emergency responder who made a difference in their community. The inaugural year is named the Fred Barnes Emergency Services Scholarship to honor Loveland’s first school resource officer for his extraordinary efforts to impact our children.

Superintendent Amy Crouse said, “Loveland City Schools are fortunate to have a collaborative and supportive relationship with Loveland Emergency Services. We are thrilled our students will have this scholarship opportunity to pursue these important community roles.”

The scholarship is open to all students in the Loveland community who qualify, including home school and distance learning students. Students interested in pursuing a college education as an emergency responder should contact their school’s counseling office for information regarding this scholarship opportunity, or the LCPAAA via e-mail,

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