Loveland, Ohio – There was a scheduled Loveland City Council meeting for Tuesday, September 26 at City Hall. Three members of Council were in attendance… Kathy Bailey, Ted Phelps, and Rob Weisgerber. Vice-Mayor Angie Settell, Pam Gross, and Steve Zamagias did not attend. Without a quorum and a fourth member in attendance the meeting was never called to order, no business was discussed, and no legislation passed.

Near the -20:53 minute mark of this video Councilman Ted Phelps addressed the audience and gave his explanation of why there was no meeting.


  1. Loveland voters don’t show up for people who won’t show up for you. Vote no for Gross and Zamagias. And next election cycle no for Settle.

    Don’t be fooled by anonymous sources on line spreading falsehoods and paid political consultants whose job it is to spin truth.

    Look who did show up. There’s the truth. These are the folks who care about our community and have purposed themselves to be public servant versus self serving.

  2. I wonder if Loveland Magazine will do real reporting and look into the record of absences of all City Council members? It seems that Councilman Rob Weisgerber has the worst attendance record over the last four years. Why is that? Interesting how easy it was to find that information. Read Beyond

    • If you want to talk about Loveland City government history, then let us look at when Mark Fitzgerald was city manager in the late nineties. He received a loan from the city of Loveland and did not pay all the money back.

      • Is that the same Mark Fitzgerald who pontificated during his resignation speech about an unnamed citizen receiving utility bill forgiveness from the city? Oh dear…

    • @ J. Madham, in logic, we refer to this as a red herring, a strategic tactic to avoid the real issue. The issue is not one of attendance record, as you’ve suggested (our city Charter addresses attendance questions). No, the real issue is a pre-planned and coordinated absence by Angie Settell, Pam Gross, and Steven Zamagias. When three public servants do not attend a legally required meeting on the same day, causing no quorum to be met, they obstruct city business. The owe residents an explanation, not finger pointing to blame someone else for their strategic absence and coordinated failure.

  3. There are no public servants anymore they do not serve the public that elected them please remember this on November 7th tell Pam gross, Stephen Zamagias no on your vote and Angie settells Day Will Come.
    Donna Stiles

  4. Thank you to Ted Phelps for addressing the audience, explaining his personal frustration and dismay with the dysfunctional city council environment, and honestly answering the questions posed to him. Watching his address felt like breath of fresh air.

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