Ohio Operation Lifesaver notes reduction in 2016 crossing collisions, however pedestrian-train casualties rose from 2015 levels 

Preliminary Rail Crossing and Trespass Statistics, 2016 vs. 2015
Source: FRA Office of Safety Analysis

Ohio Crossing Statistics Ohio Trespass Statistics  
  Collisions Deaths Injuries   All Casualties Deaths Injuries
2015 86 12 36 2015 32 17 15
2016 74 7 27 2016 34 16 18
% Change -14% -41.6 -25% % Change 6.35 -5.9% 16.6%


Columbus, Ohio – Collisions at highway-rail grade crossings collisions in Ohio fell by 14% in 2016 and rail trespass casualties (deaths plus injuries) rose by 6.35% according to the nonprofit rail safety education organization Ohio Operation Lifesaver. The group cited preliminary 2016 Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) statistics.

[quote_left]Pedestrian trespass casualties continue to increase both in Ohio and across the country.[/quote_left]“We are gratified with this reduction in highway-rail grade crossing collisions,” said Ohio Operation Lifesaver State Coordinator Gena Miller Shelton. “While this decrease in highway-rail crossing collisions is good news, there are still alarming trends. While collisions are down, according to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, these collisions are occurring when drivers disregard active warning devices at crossings. Further pedestrian trespass casualties continue to increase both in Ohio and across the country. We will continue our work giving people across Ohio important information on how to keep themselves, their friends and their families safe near tracks and trains,” said Shelton. 
Nationally, vehicle-train collisions at highway-rail grade crossings fell 2.4 percent in 2016; however, the number of people killed in crossing incidents rose 13.7 percent last year. Deaths in 2016 from train track trespassing increased 12.8 percent, and trespass injuries jumped 16.4 percent; total trespass-related casualties (deaths plus injuries) increased 14.5 percent from 2015 levels, [state coordinator last name] said.
Overall, Ohio crossing collisions were down 14 percent in 2016 from 2015, to 74; crossing fatalities fell -41.6% percent to 7; and crossing injuries fell 25 percent to 27, FRA statistics reveal. Trespass fatalities dropped 16.6% percent in 2016 to 16, and trespass injuries rose 6.35% percent in 2016 to 34.
Nationally Ohio is ranked 9th in both crossing and trespass casualties. The top counties for crossing incidents were Butler, Cuyahoga, Lucas, Wood, Erie, Hamilton, and Summit. The top counties for trespass incidents were Butler, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Lucas, Stark, Summit, and Columbiana. Of the 34 trespass casualties, over 44% of the victims were between the ages of 16-35.

“This year, Ohio will participate in U.S. Rail Safety Week, September 24-30,” Shelton continued. We look forward to working with our safety partners to raise awareness among Ohio residents of the need to always use caution near crossings and refrain from trespassing on the tracks.” she concluded. For additional information on Rail Safety Week or to help sponsor this first annual event please email Ohio Operation Lifesaver.

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