[Photos] Lost ring found in playground at Nisbet Park


Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,

It was suggested I contact Loveland Magazine about a lost ring that I found on Sunday afternoon – Fathers Day – at Nisbet Park on the playground sitting on top of the mulch. Hopefully, you might be able to help find the owner.

I have attached a couple pictures of the ring. It appears to be a very nice woman’s ring. The stone has a yellowish or light green color to it.

I have not had any success on the Loveland FB garage sale group.

I believe my next step will be taking it to the Loveland Police Station this week.


Cindy Marshall

Contact Loveland Magazine at lovelandmagazine@cinci.rr.com



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  1. EDITOR’S NOTE: That is how the person who found the ring wanted it posted. We discussed this.

  2. to LM: Great to allow that post… we could use a community “lost & found” from time to time.
    And on that note a key ring with one key was found in the front yard of 523 W Loveland about a week ago.
    If it’s yours, stop by.


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