When you plant a tree, you are investing in the long term beauty and character of the Loveland area, a true gift for future generations.

Volunteers planting Tree Corps trees along Loveland Madeira Rd, in front of the Loveland Primary and Elementary School, last fall.

by David Miller

Volunteers planting a bald cypress along Loveland Madeira Road last fall. Biological diversity helps prevent wholesale loss of tree cover if a pest or disease hits your area. The Tree Corps chose a variety of trees so a single pest or disease would not greatly impact our effort in the future.

Loveland, Ohio -Last fall, on October 22, Loveland’s Tree Planting Alliance (Tree Corps) held its first successful sale and volunteer tree planting event as part of Make a Difference Day. Eighty trees were sold to home and business owners. Volunteers planted 20 trees in public spaces, mostly in front of the Loveland Primary and Elementary schools, along Loveland Madeira Road. The City of Loveland participated by buying trees for the new Cox Parking Lot. Afterwards, Loveland City Manager Dave Kennedy said, “This was a great event. We are adding [trees] in some good locations.”

Cindy Kessler who led the many volunteers said that she is very excited to watch the trees leaf out this spring.

In an effort to continue the momentum, the Loveland Tree Corps is now offering a spring sale of attractive, hardwood, shade trees, all of which grow well in southwest Ohio. At maturity, these trees will provide that wonderfully high canopy that adds so much character to our community.

The available trees are listed on the order form, including one that is appropriate for sites with overhead wires. Download the Tree Corps Order Form Spring 2017

The City of Loveland bought many trees. This one was planted by Public Works in a City park.

The Loveland Tree Corps was founded by Loveland Magazine and Loveland resident, Cindy Kessler because currently more trees are being removed than are being planted. In an effort to reverse this trend, the Tree Corps is providing reasonably priced trees and encouraging people to plant them anywhere and everywhere: at home, church, place of business, local parks/schools/etc (with permission, of course). Plant to shade pavement from the summer sun, to shade your house and reduce your summer AC bill, to improve neighborhood property values, for a friend to make them smile, for environmental reasons, or simply for the sheer beauty that trees provide. Whatever your reason, let’s all make our community a little greener one season at a time.

Pickup will be May 27 between 8 AM until 2 PM at Loveland Magazine, 514 W. Loveland Avenue, Loveland, Ohio, 45140 (next to Union Savings Bank, look for signs). Orders must be received before May 15.


Cindy Kessler said, “I want to thank everyone for your donations and volunteering at the Tree Corps’ fall event. Because of your generosity we were able to plant 20 trees – that really does make a difference. “The majority of the trees were planted along Loveland Madeira Road in front of the Primary Elementary School.  It will be a real delight to watch them grow.”

Cindy Kessler did some final pruning before orders were picked up last fall.

Biological diversity helps prevent widespread loss of trees if a pest or disease hits your area, as we are currently experiencing with the Emerald Ash Borer. For this reason, our tree offerings include some trees that may be new to you. Though lesser known, they are beautiful shade trees that do great in our area. If you are going to buy more than one, be sure to choose a variety of species.

The  2017 Spring Sale trees are in manageable 3 gallon containers and cost $25 each. The list of available trees is on the order form below, including one that is appropriate for sites with overhead wires. Orders must be received before May 15. 

Pickup will be May 27 between 8 AM until 2 PM at:

Loveland Magazine

514 W. Loveland Avenue

Loveland, Ohio, 45140 

(Next to Union Savings Bank, look for signs)
Please know that we may have to make substitutions at the last minute, without being able to notify you. Feel free to write your preferences on the back of the order form and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

For additional information: David Miller (513-305-6071) or Cindy Kessler (513-403-1427) or email treecorps@cinci.rr.com.

Download the Tree Corps Order Form Spring 2017

The trees were wrapped with a guard which made them less prone to accidental damage, and leaf mulch was applied to provide nourishment and retain water.




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