Richard Fisher is a resident of Loveland

An Open Letter to Loveland City Manager Dave Kennedy by Loveland resident Richard Fisher:


Hi Mr. Kennedy,

It would seem there is certainly plenty of financial justification for the removal and replacement of our current city hall based on the intent of 4 of 7 council members on moving against what I think is a majority of the public against doing so without more study and input by the public.

I would like to ask for any/all financial justification for doing so, and I would also like to get all projections on how and when all debt for this project will be relieved. I really need to know all long-term income projections from the city hall replacement.

Finally, because this project would generate a lot of particulate in close proximity to many residents and businesses, I would like to know what environmental studies are being done to alleviate any/all public health concerns, along with where all the construction debris will be taken.

Very sincerely,

Richard Fischer

Loveland, Ohio


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