Loveland, Ohio – Mayor Mark Fitzgerald has called for a special meeting of Loveland City Council for tonight, Monday, August 14, at 7 PM at Loveland City Hall.

According to a press release issued by the City, “The purpose of the special meeting is to respond to matters related to the recently filed petition seeking his recall as a member of City Council, and to take up any other matters that may lawfully come before City Council.”

City Hall just got around to publishing the agenda for tonight’s meeting and announcing the meeting on their website. “Open Forum” when the public is allowed to speak and is a usual requirement of every City Hall meeting is not on the agenda.

Loveland Magazine also acquired today a second letter Fitzgerald’s attorney sent to the Hamilton County Board of Elections regarding the Boards decision declaring recall petitions valid and giving Fitzgerald until midnight tonight to either resign his Council seat or stand for a recall election this November. Fitzgerald has two years remaining on his four-year term. In this letter from Doug Holthus, it gives the reason neither the mayor or the attorney showed up at the appeal hearing they called for last week and says, “We will be pursuing other available legal remedies.”

Loveland Magazine will be broadcasting the Council meeting live at 7 PM on our Facebook Page.

Read background on the efforts to recall Fitzgerald as Mayor: 

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