EDITOR’S NOTE: Please excuse the quality of our recent video work from the Loveland City Hall council chamber. After the City recently hired a Public Information Officer (PIO), LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV, USA-Today videographers, and Cincinnati Area TV stations have been put into a small corral to one side of the room, and the podium was placed so that when the public rises to speak, they have their backs toward the audience and our camera. We have talked to the PIO, City Manager and the Clerk of Council about how this arrangement significantly degrades our video, “The old set-up allowed a video camera to swing back and forth between those at the podium and the council table. That arrangement had been used for decades.”

Our plea has fallen on deaf ears. The PIO, however, did respond saying, “Unfortunately, the arrangement of the media area will not be moved to accommodate better angles at this time.”

So, for the time being, LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV is forced to show butts instead of faces, except when Councilwoman Pam Gross uses the podium. (See this recent video)


Loveland, Ohio – Resident Tom Morris spoke at the June 13 Council meeting expressed concerns about the development of 50 or more condos on Butterworth Road which would add to traffic congestion on State Route 48 and West Loveland Avenue, and the need to improve the City’s infrastructure.

“We don’t have the roads for these kinds of projects. We don’t have the structure to get through the City. We need to be having more discussion before we go gung-ho with more condos, more properties, more apartments, more shopping places,” Morris said.

Morris asked if City Hall was sacrificing Loveland’s quality of life for people who may only live here three months to a year in an apartment at the expense of people who have lived here for sixty years in a home.

Morris said, “It’s terrible to see Historic Loveland falling apart literally and figuratively more each day.” He asked Council to involve the community in decisions affecting the future of Loveland.

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