Thirty-three LHS students return back to elementary age buildings to be Tiger ambassadors for teachers and students

Owen Wilhoite stands with a group of students he is working with during the spring semester

Loveland, Ohio – When they walk the halls of Loveland Early Childhood Center (LECC), Loveland Primary School (LPS) and Loveland Elementary School (LES) – these students stand out, literally. Loveland High School (LHS) ambassadors – 33 this semester total – returning to the elementary age buildings to support Tiger Growth by assisting younger students and teachers.

[quote_left]These students stand out, literally[/quote_left]“The high school ambassadors have been amazing for us,” said LECC Principal Kyle Bush who has 10 LHS students visit his building regularly. “They do a great job for us while they’re here.”

Their “jobs” focus on working one-on-one with younger students, reading with small groups, collaborating in art, music and gym, writing practice, math workshops, social interaction at recess, and assisting teachers with classroom preparation.

[quote_right]“From my view it’s a win-win,” said LES Principal Jennifer Forren[/quote_right].“This semester we have 10 high school ambassadors,” said Kevin Fancher, LPS principal. “This is a great opportunity to help our students receive more one-on-one attention to help to develop their skills and learning.”

“From my view it’s a win-win,” said LES Principal Jennifer Forren. This semester LES has 13 LHS ambassadors working at the school. “For the high school students, I think that it has been very rewarding – an opportunity to give back. For our teachers, the ambassadors have been an invaluable resource and provided wonderful assistance for our students who truly look up to the high school students.”

“The ambassador program enables our high school students to go out into the community and learn from a different perspective,” said LHS Teacher and Ambassador Program Sponsor Beth McCarty. “It gives our students leadership opportunities and the ability to create connections within our entire community, not just within the walls of LHS.” 


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