Dear Senator Rob Portman:

 get to decide whether it is appropriate to play Bruno Mars at my daughter’s funeral.

 get to decide if I should bury my son in his soccer jersey.

make the call about which organs my wife would want me to donate after she has been declared brain dead.

tell my four-year-old niece why her beloved uncle won’t be coming to her birthday party.

decide which meds are best to address the PTSD the librarian who held a dying child now suffers from.

figure out what order the caskets should come into the shared church of the five victims whose funerals will be held there.

decide if the cost of metal detectors at my child’s middle school is justified as it is now known there are none.

donate blood to save my critically-injured grandson’s life.


Dianne Decker Bomar




Dianne Decker Bomar is a resident of Miami Township, Clermont County, Ohio


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