The rear of the proposed Brewpub as seen from the Loveland Bike Trail.

Loveland, Ohio – Narrow Path Brewing Company is requesting a public hearing on their proposal to open a Brewpub on Karl Brown Way in Loveland’s Historic Downtown. Brewpubs have been recently made a “conditional use” of property in the Historic District.

Chad Powers, who lives on Park Avenue in Loveland, submitted the request. He is the “Chief of Brewing Operations” for the company. The building is at 106 Karl Brown Way and Powers says the building is currently  used as a fitness facility, Loveland Fitness. This is the site of the former Mitchell Garage, operated by Wilbur Mitchell who repaired automobiles there in the 1950s and 60’s and 70’s.


The site of a proposed, Narrow Path Brewing Company at 106 Karl Brown Way in the Historic District.


The proposal is for a taproom designed for on-site consumption and carry-out. There will be a 40’ X 25’ concrete patio for picnic tables added to the rear of the building.

Brewpubs are defined in the Loveland code as establishments where beer and malt beverages are produced on the premises for on-site consumption and distribution. They may not exceed 15,000 barrels per-year. They may include a tasting room, bar, restaurant, or taproom. Powers said in his application he will not have an outside beer tent, except during special events in the downtown.

The property is across from the Loveland Eagles, and the back yard extends to the Loveland Bike trail adjacent to Julian’s Deli.

chad-powersPowers said in his application:

We believe that Loveland is the perfect place to open a small local microbrewery. Although other craft breweries are becoming established in Cincinnati, there are very few that can offer a neighborhood pub atmosphere – especially in the Northern suburbs. From many different angles, Loveland makes perfect sense.

On Tuesday, the Loveland Planning and Zoning Commission set May 3, at 7 PM as the date for the public hearing.



Inside of proposed Brewpub as shown in application


Back and patio as shown in application





Proposed Brewpub Site


  1. If I’m not mistaken, there were reports of a different brewpub opening in Loveland Station. With two in the same vicinity, Loveland residents will be spoiled for choice.

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