Construction is underway for a Drive-thru Starbucks at the corner of Kemper and  Loveland Madeira Road next to Walgreens.


Loveland, Ohio – Construction has begun on a new six unit, 9,830 square foot commercial development at the corner of Loveland Madeira Road and East Kemper. The project is being completed by an investment and development group led by Roaring Fork Advisors, LLC based in Loveland and will include the location of a new Starbucks with drive-thru access.




Dave Kennedy, Loveland City Manager said, “Roaring Fork Advisors has been excellent to work with and we are confident that they will deliver a high quality development including Starbucks as their anchor tenant. Given the development’s proximity to I-275, we anticipate the project will be very successful”



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  1. How can one pass oneself off as a hipster wannabee without actually entering the hallowed grounds of Starbucks?

  2. Bruce is in Colorado, and the Buzz Thru is alive and well…alas, a 1000 miles away. Miss him and his business.

  3. Not another Starbucks, same one currently located in the shopping plaza, moving to this new location with a drive thru


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