These three blind mice chose to offend we Loveland residents by disappearing for the week


by Walter D. Golladay

On 26 September, Loveland City Council was scheduled to meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Because a quorum of four council members did not happen, the meeting did not officially take place.

For unknown reasons, these three blind mice of Vice Mayor Angie Settell, and Council members Pam Gross and Stephen Zamagias were absent without just cause from their appointed duty station. That being, City Hall, Loveland, Ohio, 7 pm.

These three blind mice chose to conduct personal business elsewhere, not for the benefit of Loveland residents, but for another business, another individual, or themselves.

This Loveland resident has the firm belief that the 3 blind mice chose not to appear in order to prevent a council quorum being established with the City Council members present of Kathy Bailey, Robert Weisgerber and Ted Phelps. Kathy, Robert and Ted would have been the majority council members for the evening.

The three blind mice, need to be held accountable. In explicit detail, they must explain to the Loveland residents where they were that evening, and why they could not attend a long established council meeting date.

The three blind mice must explain to the Loveland residents where they were that evening.

They must also explain why none of them were available to attend alternates council meeting dates of Monday through Thursday, 25 – 28 September.

These three blind mice chose to offend we Loveland residents by disappearing for the week and preventing scheduled City of Loveland business from being conducted.

Should any or all of the three blind mice not be able to offer a valid reason for their absence, then we Loveland residents need to seriously consider not voting for them in the upcoming 2017 General Election.

These 3 blind mice must fully explain their absence at the 26 September Council meeting. 


Walter D. Golladay is a resident of Loveland, Ohio

Three blind mice. Three blind mice.

See how they run. See how they run. 


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  1. With the absence of Pam Gross, Steve Zamagias and even our vice mayor Angie Settell not showing up for whatever reason which was so much more important, so many questions are still being left open for speculation. I for one have several.
    What was the point? I can only guess it had to do with avoiding a vote to add a person to the empty council seat. It seems a ploy to stop a concenses vote and wait for a more opertune time to vote foe another candidate that would benefit a continuing majority of nontransparency and noncitizen engagement, in alignment with the 3 blind mice.
    With only 2 council meeting left before the Nov. 7th election, have they given up? From exuberant farmers fees, taking Christmas in Loveland away from the Chamber, demanding background checks on artists and venders, backing a 2.5-4 story city hall, to totally ignoring concerned citizens speaking in front of them only makes me think they have lost control and no longer care to face their mistakes.
    Without support of solid answers from them, I do not believe voters should show them solid support on Election Day.


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