“Buy, Buy, buy!”


Former Loveland Magazine writer and reporter Ricky Mulvey said his summer internship at CNBC has been an incredible experience. He said, “I’m grateful to be here.”

“Right now I am working in the long-form department which means I’m an intern on CNBC original documentaries,” said Mulvey.

Ricky worked at Loveland Magazine filling many roles over four years. He had a wonderful on-air personality and was a genius of spontaneous combustion in front of large crowds. Ricky reported from campaign rallies of President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden.

He and I have kept in touch since he entered The Ohio State University. We have lunch at Skyline and catch up, almost every time he is home on break. I’m asking a billion questions about his studies, what comedy club he has recently appeared at, and his future plans. Rick shoots questions back about Loveland Magazine, what’s happening at City Hall, and still shows a keen interest in the success of Loveland Magazine, always offering good advice.

During our phone conversation from his apartment in Lower Manhattan last week Ricky shared with me about a couple of projects he is currently working on for CNBC, but I am sworn to secrecy. One sounded extremely interesting, especially to young people. It is a topic being widely discussed and debated right now in the Cincinnati area.

Always having fun, Ricky posted this Instagram photo on his Facebook page today. It is Ricky on the set of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money. I asked him if I could use it and give his Loveland fans a short update. Well, here it is, and Ricky promised more when those shows he is working on are closer to air time.

 – David Miller

P.S. A shout out to Art Jarvis and Jarvis Global Investments who has provided the stipend we pay our own high school interns for the last 13 years. Don’t know if Jarvis is offering the, “Buy, buy, buy” advice that Mulvey is, however it wouldn’t hurt to give Art a call.

Thank you Jarvis Global Investments for supporting our student journalists



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