Loveland, Ohio – How can we serve you better?

That is the question the Loveland City School District is asking all students, staff, teachers, administrators, parents and community members – launching today #MyTigerIdea – a website dedicated to listening.

 “Constant improvement – that is the goal of this project,” said Loveland District Technology Director David Knapp. “We want to hear any and all ideas about how we can strengthen our student experience, so we have developed this platform that will essentially serve as a podium from which our stakeholders can idea share with us directly.”

Ideas submitted to the site (http://www.lovelandschools.org/MyTigerIdea.aspx) will go before senior administrators for consideration. The website can be accessed off of the “About” section of the district website lovelandschools.org. Ideas tied directly to innovation around the student experience will be presented to the newly established Loveland[x] team – a group of more than 80 educators formed to collaborate around innovative instructional strategies, beta test new resources and propose creative ideas for teaching and learning. You can see progress of ideas can visit the website for any updates.

 “This is a different way to do business,” said Knapp. “We are excited to get this off the ground and see what ideas our stakeholders have to share. We know together we can continue to create the destination school district we all love – because the journey to always improve truly has no end.”  


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