7th Grade:

Social Studies: Sage Bushstone

Science: Kylie Poe

English: Paul Hocker

8th Grade: 

Social Studies:  Carter Jerome

Math: Jack Dowling & Maggie Norris

Science: Yanni Kahrs

English: Nick Williams


Phys Ed/Health: Kyra Manske

Foreign Language: Madison Conatser

Fine Arts: Jeremiah Lachenman

Music:  Jon Muir


Louise Jordan, 8th Grade Math and Trisha Pitcher, 8th Grade ELA

7th Grade:

Social Studies: Paige Crowley 
Science: Kemper Egan 
English: Isabell Louis

8th Grade: 

Social Studies: Tyler Garrett 
Math: Vlad Grienwald, Kyle Powell  


Phys Ed/Health: Nick Schuler
Foreign Language: Ella Clemons
Fine Arts: Maaike Snider
Music: Jack Dippold

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