by David Miller,

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland Elementary School teacher, Jen Miller brought her 1st-graders to the Loveland Magazine offices on November 2 to continue their year-long series of visits to learn about newspapers and further their writing skills. This was their second visit of the school year. On this last visit, the students practiced both their writing and reading skills by first writing messages to Veterans and then reading what they wrote in front of a camera. It was a twofold class, to hone skills and to honor Veterans as Veterans Day approached.

Miller said, “I want my students to know that we write for a variety of reasons. For enjoyment, to inform, and to honor others.”

Loveland Magazine writer and photographer Sam Smith

The photos below, many taken by Loveland Magazine photographer, Sam Smith are from both visits. Smith also spent time with the children telling them how he prepares photos for his stories. The students are learning how modern newspapers operate and that their stories can be read on a computer, tablet, and smart-phone. Loveland Magazine was the first newspaper in Ohio to be the first “on-line only” newspaper to be accepted into the Ohio Newspaper Association, now the Ohio News Media Association.

“I want them to know that writing happens beyond the walls of our classroom. That’s why these trips to Loveland Magazine are priceless life experiences for my students, my parents, and for myself,” said Miller.

Emma Dickman

Miller always brings six or seven parent volunteers with the class who keep them safe on the walk and sit on the floor with the students and engage with the writing task.

Senior Emma Dickman, a High School Ambassador from the Teaching Professional Academy at Loveland High School always accompanies the class as well.

As the year progresses the 1st-graders will collaborate writing a story about their school, email their story with their photos to Loveland Magazine, and participate in publishing their news. They will also come to Loveland Magazine in the Spring to teach us here at Loveland Magazine how as first-grade students they are taught in the classroom to write stories.

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