by Peggy Goodwin,

On Tuesday, each of us has important decisions to make. Of major significance is who will guide the business of our city for the next 4 years. Eight candidates are seeking the 4 open seats at the Council table – how do we decide who should fill these roles?

We look to our city to provide the basic services we depend on — the things that are at the core of our daily lives.  Are the roadways running through and leading into our neighborhoods smooth, free of potholes and ruts? Are our safety services (police and fire protection) keeping pace with the growth of our community? Is our utility infrastructure (water, sewer, storm water) performing reliably? Are our public buildings and outdoor spaces being properly managed and maintained? Is our city projecting an atmosphere of warmth, friendliness, and cooperation to attract families and businesses to this place we call home? Who will keep these priorities in the forefront of their discussions and decision-making at the Council table?

On November 7th, I’m casting my vote for Tim Butler, Neal Oury, Ted Phelps, and Rob Weisgerber.  Why these choices?  In their individual campaigns, each has expressed their concerns over the current shortcomings in the delivery of these core services, and each has expressed potential solutions to these issues.  Each has pledged to serve our community in a manner that is open, honest, and most importantly, welcoming of input from both you and me.  In fact, they have individually pledged to actively engage with the community to seek that input, not merely sit on the sidelines and assume they know what concerns residents may have.  

Peggy Goodwin is a former member of city council, former chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission, and volunteer with the Loveland Farmer’s Market.

I trust these 4 candidates to deliver on their commitments; and just as importantly, I trust them to make logical, well-reasoned, financially sound decisions that are in the best interests for all of Loveland.  Let’s restore stability, respect, transparency, and a cooperative spirit to Council chambers by electing Tim Butler, Neal Oury, Ted Phelps, and Rob Weisgerber to the Loveland City Council.

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  1. Thank you for a heartfelt endorsement of fine candidates. Same ones I am going to cast my vote. Pleasant to hear from someone who has been there, done that, and believes in Loveland.

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