By Sam Smith

On June 3, the 2017 Loveland High School class celebrated their commencement at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. Many of the 373 students who graduated have achieved impressive feats through their high school career, and will now enter into a new stage of life. This ceremony symbolized that step. 160 received honor diplomas.

A group of musicians perform a soundcheck before the ceremony. Top, from left: August Lamson, Jane Pearson, Jacalyn Parsley. Bottom, from left: Drew Docherty, Brady Dotson, Brady Funke.


Senior, Sophia Sperry, prepares with the rest of the Loveland Band before graduation.


Ryan Rofles, Tyler Dixon, Jack Stanley and Cameron Price pose before entering the Xavier Cintas center. Rofles, Dixon and Stanley will be attending University of Cincinnati. Price will be joining the US Navy.


Jacalyn Parsley and Jane Pearson pose before entering graduation. Parsley and Pearson anchored together on the Loveland daily school news, LHSNN. Parsley was named both homecoming and prom queen her senior year. Pearson was active in Show Choir and student government, founded and ran crochet club, and was Class President.


Band director Geoffrey Miller conducts as guests enter the Cintas Center


Mitch Robison welcomed everyone to the commencement  Robinson has been active in athletics, and was a standout player on the basketball team. Robinson will be attending Indiana University.
Lucy Rawson stands with her peers for the national anthem. Rawson will be attending Western Kentucky University.

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Sam Faingold gave the Introduction of Guests. Faingold was active in the school yearbook committee and will be attending Ohio State.


Jane Pearson speaks to the class of 2017. Pearson was Class President, and will be attending Brigham Young University.  Watch her speech here.


Co-salutatorians, Rachel Ingal (left) and Julia Dillhoff (right) speak to their peers and family. Ingal was a member of Show Choir and founded and ran the High School Democrats of America club. Ingal will be attending Notre Dame. Dillhoff played Lacrosse and was recently recognized at the spring sports awards for her performance. Dillhoff will also be attending Notre Dame. Watch their unique speech here.


Aaron Autin plays guitar during the creative co-salutatorian speech. Autin was one of the top bowlers for Loveland, and will be attending Miami University.


Rachel Ingal and Margaret Eilert singing Phil Collins “You’ll be in my heart”.


Rachel Ingal and Margaret Eilert, sing during the graduation ceremony. Both were members of Show Choir. Eilert was awarded the Maegly Music Scholarship, was named best female soloist in the National Show Choir competition and was first violin in chamber orchestra. Eilert will be attending Capital University.


Valedictorian, Ali Syed, speaks to the graduating class. Syed plans to attend the University of Alabama and then Northeast Ohio Medical University. Watch his speech here.

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Principal Peggy Johnson speaks to the class of 2017 about their accomplishments and their future. Watch her speech here.

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Superintendent Chad Hilliker speaks to the class of 2017. Hilliker will be graduating with this year’s students as he moves on to his next endeavor after years of serving the district and community. Read his speech here.

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The class of 2017 throws their caps




James Meckey stands surrounded by falling confetti. Meckey played football, and will be attending Centre College.
Kelsey Blanchard begins to leave the Cintas center as confetti falls.

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Graduation was, in most ways, just a symbolic step towards the future of these hundreds of students. But it was an important step, and a time to reflect on the numerous successes of the class of 2017. The talent, dedication and passion demonstrated by students of the class have been clearly demonstrated through the list of accomplishments that go along with every graduate. Through academics, arts, athletics and community involvement, individuals of the Loveland class of 2017 have made an effort to strengthen Loveland and build a culture. As these impressive many continue on their trend of high aspirations, there is no doubt that they can positively impact their community and the world as a whole.



Video of the 2017 Loveland High School graduated class celebrating
Video Highlights of 2017 LHS Graduation
Loveland School Board President Dave Blumberg speaks to Class of 2017

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