Have the voters spoken?

The council seat of former mayor Mark Fitzgerald will remain vacant after newly elected members take office on Monday, December 4. They will appoint a new mayor who can then nominate someone for the remaining two-years of Fitzgerald’s term.

Eight people ran for election to the council on November 7 for four open seats and Andy Bateman received the 5th most number of votes. Have the voters spoken? Should Bateman get a seat on City Council?



  1. The new Council should seriously consider Todd Osborne. During his previous stint on Council, Todd was always the most prepared Council Member. He didn’t just rely on Staff Recomendations. He was always the one, and often the only one, that did additional independent research on the issue at hand. Sometimes, I didn’t agree with his position or vote, but I knew that he had done his homework, and used sound, independent reasoning in determining his position on various issues. Importantly, Todd has always been respectful towards those with whom he disagree. He’s quiet, thoughtfull, hardworking, and has no hidden agenda. Todd Osborne is the kind of person that would be an excellent addition to Loveland’s City Council.

  2. I think its commonly believed that the PAC endorsed candidates have promised it to a certain person who “dropped out” of the election. Give it to Andy or expose your non-transparent plan from the beginning.

    • Wow, that is quite the implication. I can assure you that no such promise has been made. I’m personally a member of the PAC, and I’m rooting for Barry Kuhn.

  3. This Poll isn’t pushing anything. It is asking for public opinion. The council will make the ultimate decision. The new council is saying it wants to have community feedback on decisions & I think this would be one that should be included. The open seat is as important as a new city hall building, in my opinion. Especially after everything we have been through.
    I have to wonder about any candidate for the open seat that did not run during the election. Why not run? If they were interested in the open seat, why not run for the other 4 during the election & get the public support? If they didn’t run because they didn’t expect to win the election, why should they be given the seat by the majority of council?

  4. Besides the individuals who did not win a seat on election night, there were other individuals who responded to the open application process when Mark Fitzgerald resigned. Council has an obligation to consider all candidates.

  5. He received less than half the votes of the four elected, that is not an endorsement of Andy. That is an endorsement of letting council decide, which is what the charter stipulates. I can’t believe this poll is even being pushed.

  6. Honestly I enjoyed the vision that he shared at the meet the candidate night. Perhaps he would make a good addition to our council.

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