Loveland, Ohio – Recent political climate critic, Ryan Kulik told Loveland Magazine this morning that he is now working on behalf of the re-election of Pam Gross to retain her seat on City Council. Kulik has been an outspoken critic of Councilman Rob Weisgerber, The Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC (LCHPAC) whom he recently called, “political motivated amateurs”, and the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance. He has called them all anti-growth and anti-development. Weisgerber is also seeking to be re-elected to Council.

Ryan Kulik has announced he is working for the Pam Gross re-election committee.

As recently as September 12 after one of his opinion pieces was published in Loveland Magazine Kulik said in an email to the newspaper, “I am currently not working with anyone associated with the city council. I have talked with a few people who are running, but I have yet to sign a contract to exclusively work for anyone. Due to confidentiality agreements I can not reveal who I have spoken with. I did want you to know all of this so it is clear where I am coming from. As long as I am free from any contracts in the city, I would like to continue to get my opinions out in this volatile political climate. I will keep you updated if any of this changes.”

Then in an email to the newspaper on September 17 concerning a guest opinion that he submitted about first-time council candidate Tim Butler, that has not yet been published, he said, “It is up to you on publishing the Butler letter. When I wrote the letter I was still an independent player in the political scene. That may change this week. My credibility, if any, as an unbiased source will be in question by the end of the week.”

Councilwoman Pam Gross

Loveland Magazine responded to Kulik by asking if he would go ahead and disclose what he was referencing. His response came this morning saying, “I just sent out a press release that should clear up my current situation. Anything I wrote before today was from my own opinion as a resident. Anything after today that I send out concerning the 2017 election will, and should, be seen as a message from the Pam Gross for Loveland City Council campaign.” In the press release, Kulik is quoted as the “Campaign Manager” for the Pam Gross for Loveland City Council campaign.

Halie Rebeccaschild is the Secretary and Spokesperson for The Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC

Kulik, a self-described blowhard and political expert has submitted several opinion pieces to Loveland Magazine and is not without his fans and critics after among other things calling community members opposed to the re-election of Gross, “anti-business” and “partisan amateurs”. He said recently, “Their political tactics consist of being filled with rage and discord” and “This group of concerned citizens ignorantly attack hard working public servants.” Kulik called them a mob and “politically motivated flame throwing amateurs.” He warned that the Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC should be well versed in what libel and slander are.

Halie Rebeccaschild is the Secretary and Spokesperson for LCHPAC. She told Loveland Magazine today that she and the group had suspected that Kulik had been working to re-elect Gross because some of the things he had written had mimicked some of Gross’ talking points at council meetings. She said that there is one thing she wants the public to know about LCHPAC, “We are a grassroots movement and not political professionals.”


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  1. Quote:”Kulik, a self-described blowhard and political expert”

    Hmm, self-described “Political expert”. Just because you watch CNN and read Wikipedia pages does not make you an “expert”.

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