LOVELAND, OHIO – On April 12, resident Todd Jordan brought his son with him to the microphone and explained how difficult it is to live without fearing for his son’s safety because of the speeding traffic on Wall Street. You can also watch the response from City Council members, the Mayor, the Police Chief, and the City Manager.






  1. Bang on, Todd and son! ALL Loveland streets should be safe and free from speeders and/or inattentive drivers. Being behind the wheel is a priveledge , not a right. We owe it to ourselves and certainly our children to provide safe neighborhood streets. Maybe LPD staff can provide a 10 minute presentation reminder at the beginning of the school year to all LHS students. Meanwhile, they can ticket ticket ticket all others who somehow don’t know what 25MPH means.

  2. Mr. Miller, Thank you for posting this video. I hope this can bring more awareness to those traveling Wall Street that our road is the same as any road in their neighborhood, and not just a cut through. We have numerous children of all ages playing on the street daily and that is the primary concern, but let’s not forget that we should also be given the right of way to pull in and out of our driveways at a reasonable speed, and please stop texting while driving.


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