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The Loveland Initiative is proud once again to host the 20th Annual Christmas Toy Store. Christmas is a [quote_right]Thank you in advance for your help![/quote_right]wonderful time of year, and should not be missed by any child. With our annual Toy Store, we make it a wonderful experience for under-served parents and their children.

The Toy Store was created to help families who could not afford to spend much on toys and gifts. Purchasing toys and gifts at a discount helps parents feel that they are contributing to their child’s Christmas while enabling the parents to choose items based on their child’s interests and needs.

We are committed to using the money raised by the Toy Store for the betterment of children and families in acct-plus-july-19---2015Loveland.  Since 2001, the money raised has been used for the Tracy L Johnson Scholarship Fund which assists a student to further his or her education and other programming needs. We are very proud that eighteen college scholarships have been awarded. We feel that one of the ways to empower people is through education and this is the way to break the cycle of poverty.  Without you, we cannot offer help to these children.

Approximately 250+ children from under-served families in the Loveland area receive gifts via our Toy Store.  Each family will sign up, pre-register and financially qualify. They are then offered the opportunity to shop for 7-10 gifts per child in their family, based on the number of donations received. Parents/Grandparents come into a store setting (set up by volunteers) with tables marked by price to purchase items for $0.50 to $5 per gift.

The 20th Annual Christmas Toy Store will be held at the Loveland Moose Lodge, 227 E. Loveland Ave. The date for the event is December 16.

We will be accepting donations of NEW UNWRAPPED toys and gifts for children, preteens and teens. (See attached suggested gift list). Gift cards and monetary donations are also greatly appreciated.

Please drop off donations at Bond Furniture 113 Karl Brown Way or any of the Loveland School District buildings during school hours November 1, through December 13. We can also make arrangements to pick up gifts.

In addition to gifts, we always need volunteers for pick-up, displays and transportation. We are confident that our community will once again pull together to help the children and the families in Loveland.

Please feel free to contact Project Leaders Mary Hensley 513-406-9098 or Shionee Blust e-mail [email protected] or the Executive Director Terri Rogers 513-739-2354 or [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Thank you in advance for your help!


 The Loveland Initiative

901 Mohican Dr.

Loveland, OH  45140

Download and print: suggested-gift-list




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