Aimee has a “million dollar smile”


Aimee and Memaw Kenny.


Dear Loveland Magazine,

I love reading your online news of Loveland! Thank you for providing this website to us and helping us stay involved with all that goes on in our community.

I took this picture last night and just have to share. It was a quick photo that I snapped with my phone, but it captured such an incredible moment. My daughter Aimee has always been attached to her great-grandmother, and we’ve always joked that Aimee was her “favorite”. She was the first to say that Aimee has a “million dollar smile”…and as we near the end of her life, she still brings her joy with that smile as you can see by her own smile through the mask.

Not sure what I thought you would do with it since other than we all live in Loveland, it doesn’t really have anything to do with your website, but I felt like I wanted to share.


M. Kenny





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