Meet Olivia, a resilient and determined woman whose unwavering spirit and strength inspire those around her. In the face of significant health challenges and the devasting loss of her beloved mother, Olivia refused to let adversity define her. Instead, she embraced her grief and health struggles as catalysts for growth, propelling her to reclaim her life and career.

After getting treatment for her depression, Olivia was eager to get back to work and sought out assistance from CommQuest Services, Inc. in 2010. She met with Phillip Paschal, an Employment Specialist at CommQuest Services, Inc. Together they worked on preparing to get Olivia back to work.

Throughout the years, Olivia worked at various jobs despite blindness in one eye, diabetes, and throat cancer. Her jobs included cleaning, working in fast food, and holding a position at a retirement village. When her mother passed away, Olivia became depressed and was temporarily unable to work.

In 2017, Olivia had quadruple bypass surgery and was unable to work. However, throughout her recovery, she continued to work with Phillip. Eventually, Phillip connected Olivia with Christine Crine, who was a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD). Christine helped Olivia find a job at Coastal Pets Products in January 2020. However, Olivia became ill with COVID and was hospitalized for five weeks. Costal Pets Products held her job for her, but Olivia decided to resign due to a long recovery period, including a stay in a nursing home and outpatient physical therapy.

Through all her struggles, Olivia was determined to go back to work. “Olivia never gave up,” said Phillip. “She is a great client and great to work with. She has a great sense of humor that makes time pass quickly on the job,” he added.

In October 2022, Olivia began working with Erika Salewsky, OOD Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. Olivia was hired as a pizza prep at Little Caesars Pizza in North Canton, Ohio a few months later, working three days a week. Phillip helped Olivia become acclimated to the job. Erika provided bus passes to help Olivia get back and forth to work.

“Olivia is very reliable,” said Jermain Davenport, Manager at Little Caesars Pizza. “She outworks the younger people.”

Olivia said, “Work is recovery. You get to meet different people and learn new things.”  “I’m still learning at the age of 72,” she added.

“It has been my pleasure to work with Olivia,” said Erika. “She is a very motivated woman, and her outlook on life is nothing short of inspiring. While she has had her past struggles, we can all learn from her sense of humor and optimism toward the future.”

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