Loveland, Ohio – On November 19, before a packed, stand on the furniture in the back for a better view, house, Anna Bunker took to the open forum microphone to express views on the recently failed levy that was on the November 5 ballot. The Board asked voters to approve issuing bonds for $118,515,000 and a combined operating and bond levy of 16.78-mill. The levy was rejected by voters 78-22 per-cent.

The Board is currently considering placing another levy on the ballot in March of 2020. They say they will need to submit ballot language for a potential operating levy on the March ballot no later than December 18, requiring a first resolution to be passed at the December 10 board meeting.

Bunker’s comments were during the regular business meeting of the Board where residents are allowed to sit in front of a microphone for 3 minutes to talk to the Board, the Administration, and the other audience members about anything relating to the operation of the District.

There was another meeting that night following the business meeting. It was facilitated by Jeffrey Stec, the Director of Citizens for Civic Renewal. The District hired Citizens for Civic Renewal to conduct this public meeting.

The District has published a PowerPoint presentation, notes by the facilitator, and comments received in writing from community members at the 2nd meeting. An unedited Board video from the input session can be found here.

Te next meeting of the Board will be on November 26 at 6 PM in the LMS/LIS Media Center. (View the Agenda) Among agenda items is a “Recommended Action” by the Superintendent to cancel the contract with Allerton Hill Consulting. Another item is a resolution put forth by the Treasurer to participate in Ohio Open Checkbook. The Board is also expected to appoint an Ad Hoc, Short Term Advisory Committee. You can read the proposal below.*
Other Meetings:
  • Tuesday, December 3, 6 PM (special meeting)
  • Tuesday, December 10, 6 PM (work session)
  • Tuesday, December 17, 6 PM (special meeting)


*Ad Hoc, Short Term Advisory Committee

This ad hoc advisory committee has been established for the purpose of helping the Board of Education to determine whether a March ballot issue is feasible or not.  The committee will work with the Board while the meeting is in session which will allow for interaction between committee members and board members.

On 11/26, the committee will be invited to join the meeting after the board has concluded regular business outlined on the agenda.   On 12/3, the full board meeting time will likely be given to the work of the committee.

Should the work result in a determination that a March ballot language is feasible, we must meet election timelines.  The determination of millage for a ballot issue in March 2020 must be approved in a formal resolution of necessity by the Board of Education on 12/10/19. Seven days later (12/17) the Board must approve a resolution to proceed.  The resolutions must be given to the Board of Elections by 12/18/19.

Should the work result in a determination that March is not feasible, the Board and community will focus on a November 2020 operating levy.

Following the 12/3/19 meeting, this committee will be dissolved having served its intended objective.  However, should the format be successful we will develop a system to continue the work and identify a way to give more people an opportunity to participate if they wish.


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