The Loveland Citizen Police Academy Class of 2023

Loveland Magazine Managing Editor David Miller graduated from the Loveland Citizen’s Police Academy on November 15, 2023. Here he is during the graduation ceremony with Det. Jessee Moore and Lt. Amy Campbell who led the Loveland participants.

by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland Citizens Police Academy is a free, fun, hands-on learning experience. You will get to know your neighbors and your local officers.

Last year our first meeting was a meet and greet, dinner and tour of the Loveland Safety Center and we received an official shirt and many useful items in a swag bag. Our last meeting was a formal dinner where we each received diplomas and special gifts.

Some of the classes we participated in were a gun safety class and live range shooting at the Scarlett Oaks Public Safety Building. One week we participated in an active shooter situation that took place at a local church. We were hand cuffed and handcuffed our fellow classmates, and investigated a mock crime scene. We were given a course at a mock crash scene and used “extraction” tools and learned about an air-care rescue. The criminal justice system was explored as well as visiting the Clermont County Jail and criminal court. We saw a demonstration by a K-9 officer and his dog.

Since 1998, LPD has hosted the academy, “to increase positive community interaction, facilitate communication, and provide education to residents about law enforcement.”

The Academy will meet from September 4 until November 13 on Wednesday evenings.

The application deadline is July 26.

How to Apply

Submit your Application

Selections will be made in August. All applicants will receive confirmation on their acceptance or being placed on a wait list. 

About the Academy

The academy is comprised of 10 sessions. Participants will meet on Wednesday evenings for approximately three hours. Each session will teach about a police topic such as

  • Use of Force & Media Portrayal
  • Investigations & Crime Scenes
  • Taser & Handcuffing with Defensive Tactics
  • Use of the Scenario “MILO” Training System
  • Narcotics Investigations
  • Gun Safety

Participants will also take a tour of the Clermont County Jail, interact with the fire department/air care, participate in a K9 officer demo and much more.

Eligibility & Cost

The program is free and open to Loveland residents at least 18 years old. If your application is selected, a background check and waiver of liability will be required.

Questions or to Apply

Contact Loveland Detective Jesse Moore at [email protected].

  1. fire
  2. taser
  3. defense
  4. LCPA 3
  5. Government and judicial
  6. Scene of the crime 2
  7. citizens police 3
  8. K9 Cruz
  9. gun range
  10. gun range 2
  11. Air Care
  12. wrecking
  13. Class Group Photo
  14. Scene of the crime
  15. Group 1
  16. lsfd wrecking crew


The Loveland Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association is a group of community members who have graduated from the course. The LCPAAA hosts meetings every other month and plans for volunteers to help the Loveland Police Department at community events throughout the year.

At the recent Loveland Food Truck Rally on 5/11/24, the LPD and the LCPAAA collected 409 items to help stock the LIFE Food Pantry and collected $854 in monetary donations!

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