By Chad Hilliker,

Loveland City School District superintendent


Hilliker-b&wAt the Loveland City School District we strive to develop a culture of kindness. Part of this initiative is articulated in the My Voice, My Choice program – a program that operates under the belief that we all have a voice, and we have to make a choice if we will promote kindness. We are lucky to have many dedicated people who help make this program possible in each of our schools. Every October the district kicks off a month-long kindness campaign using the My Voice, My Choice platform but with a unique theme. This year, our theme is “Be an Upstander.”

So, what is an Upstander?

It’s actually pretty simple. When they see something that is not right, or they know somebody needs help – they step in. They serve as an Upstander for others. We want our Tigers to know that we are here to care for other people – we care for their feelings, we care for how they are treated, and we care for them as a person. And, that’s what’s really important.

Our goal is help students know that we support their positive behavior. We also have speakers who come in and reinforce the idea of treating others with care and respect. This year Justin Bachman, a former Loveland student, came to talk to our middle and high school students. He focused on the importance of self worth, the impact of exclusion, being an Upstander and Living Loud – being proud of who you are and being true to yourself. We are glad that Justin could share his message with our students and help them make a difference for others.

The district makes a point to recognize students who have decided to be Upstanders in their schools. Now, we are preparing to share those stories with you, our Tiger Family. You will now see a Quick Link on our district website (www.lovelandschools.org) called My Voice, My Choice. This link will keep you informed about all of the ways the district is working to create a culture of kindness, and it will feature the Loveland Upstander students who we are so proud to congratulate. I encourage you to take the time to take a look at our My Voice, My Choice program; this is just one more way the Loveland City School District is Preparing Students for Tomorrow, Today.

Dedicated to the future of our students,


Loveland City School District


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