by Austin Ramsey, Messenger-Inquirer/TNS | November 8, 2016

[quote_left]Curemark’s trial drug, CM-AT, is a proprietary enzyme in powder form. It’s sprinkled on food and formulated to activate in the small intestine, where it may enhance protein digestion, thus increasing the availability of amino acids.[/quote_left]NEWBURGH, Ind. — Researchers are hopeful that a new clinical drug trial based on research linking diet and brain development could yield a treatment that addresses core symptoms of autism.

Dr. Michelle Galen of Deaconess Clinic is one of more than two dozen doctors nationwide participating in the Phase III U.S. Food and Drug Administration fast-track trial. Curemark, a biotech company based in New York, has developed a potential treatment for autism based on its founder’s discovery that many children on the spectrum are deficient in an important enzyme used to digest protein into its building blocks.


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