Loveland, Ohio – In her weekly email to supporters and shoppers, Donna Bednar announced today that she is stepping down as manager of the Loveland Farmers’ Market at the end of this season. The market opened June 7, 2011. It was founded by Bednar and Missy McCormick, who has since moved from the area.

After running the market for six years (plus one year of planning), I have made the decision that this season will be my final one. The time has been extremely rewarding including meeting so many hard working and talented people who are the vendors and now my friends; the numerous dedicated volunteers, who have also become friends; and so many of you, the supporters of the Loveland Farmers’ Market.

Hopefully, the market you love will continue next year. I am currently looking for someone or a group of someones to take over the reigns. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested or would like to explore the possibility. 

See you tomorrow at the market where there is still plenty of produce and other goodies available!



The market is in the McCoy parking lot every Tuesday during spring, summer, and fall. You can learn more about the market and view what is for sale this week, HERE.



  1. Let this die and go away.
    If it some how comes back, it needs to move to the Hamilton side.
    Or at least move to Saturday if they insist on jamming it in downtown.
    Ties up too much traffic having it midweek from 3 to 7 or whatever it runs.
    With the traffic mess in downtown every function in downtown should have to be on the weekends.
    Don’t all the tree-huggers realize the climate change we are causing by sitting in downtown Loveland traffic ?

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