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Loveland, Ohio – In case you missed it, healthy smoothie shop, Better Blend, opened its doors to the Loveland community this past August. Located in historic downtown Loveland on the bike trail, Better Blend serves up low-calorie, low-sugar, high-protein smoothies that boast clean ingredients and flavors that will remind you of your favorite ice cream.

Better Blend’s mission is to make the world a healthier and happier place by making it easy to eat healthy. The progress they’ve made is hard to ignore: since opening the first location in 2018, Better Blend has added two corporate-owned locations and franchised four more, with another four set to open in 2024.

Through this growth spurt, Better Blend caught the attention of local Loveland dietician, Emily Mobley of Gray Nutrition. A Cincinnati native and a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Emily has transformed thousands of lives through her Gray Method, which was born out of her dieting journey, after years of Slim Fast, tons of cardio, and counting points. Emily is passionate about simplifying nutrition, debunking myths, and focusing on the system needed for weight loss, making her a pivotal asset in transforming people’s relationships with food and, more importantly, their relationship with themselves.

Recognizing that they shared the same goals, Better Blend and Emily teamed up. Emily was particularly drawn to the protein content of Better Blend’s smoothies. “Protein is an essential nutrient that can support your weight management goals and overall health when incorporated into a balanced diet,” says Emily. “Better Blend smoothies are packed with protein, making them a perfect choice to kickstart your day so you can regulate your blood sugar, support your metabolism, and feel fullness until you can get to that next meal or snack!”

Emily’s expertise and passion for easy-to-digest nutrition advice made her a perfect fit on the Better Blend team as their in-house dietician. As featured on Better Blend’s Dietician Tuesday series, Emily provides Better Blend customers with helpful nutrition tips and further information about the benefits of Better Blend products. “Having Emily as a part of the team is just another way we’re doing our best to support our community and crush the confusing and intimidating barriers to healthy eating,” says Better Blend founder and CEO, Isaac Hamlin.

For those looking for further guidance along the path of healthy eating, Emily also takes on clients through her private practice, Gray Nutrition. As a bonus, scheduling a coaching call with her will land you a $50 Better Blend gift card.

Catch Better Blend’s Dietician Tuesday series and holiday deals by following them on Facebook and Instagram. For more information about Emily Mobley and Gray Nutrition, visit her website at

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