Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland Board of Education met on Tuesday, December 17 and unanimously passed a resolution to place an operating levy of 6.95 mills on the March 2020 ballot. The deadline to file the resolution with the Hamilton County Board of Elections is today, December 18.

Neither Board Superintendent Amy Crouse or Treasurer/CFO Kevin Hawley wanted to speak to Loveland Magazine after the meeting, so details of the implications of the levy are sketchy. Neither Crouse or Hawley would discuss the budget cuts they are proposing or the amount the levy would provide the District. However, Crouse did say last week in a press release, “Approximately $2.7 million dollars of budget cuts will be made in conjunction with the levy. They will include a combination of reductions in the instructional cycle budget (textbooks, etc.), staff, and contracted services, among others.”

Last week’s press release also said:

The 6.95 millage levy translates into approximately $20/month ($243 annually) per $100,000 of appraised home value as determined by the county auditor.

Below is a LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video of the 14-minute meeting.

In the interview below Dale Friemoth, a member of the

Loveland Voice on Facebook: “Voter Oversight, Involvement, Concern for Education.”

District Ad Hoc Advisory committee that was appointed to discuss how the District should move forward after the defeat of a combined operating and bond issue that was on the November ballot discusses the Board’s vote. He talked about the new levy and also about a new community organization that has formed, Loveland Voice. Friemoth said they will meet soon to discuss their actions going forward. One thing he stressed is that he feels that the Board must take purchasing the Grailville land off the table at their next meeting if they want voter support for the new levy.

Below is the Resolution that was to be delivered to the Hamilton County Board of Elections today.

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