Amberley Village, Ohio – “There’s a bomb in the building. There’s a bomb. There’s a bomb,” is how CEO Marc Fisher described the phone call the Mayerson JCC received this morning around 10:30 AM. As per protocol, the building was immediately evacuated.
Fisher said that several hundred people are in the building at any given time.
Police with K-9s searched and found no bomb and the center was re-opened and fully functioning at noon

More than 20 other JCCs across the country received similar calls this morning.

Reports indicate are that this is the same type of phone in-threat that was made to more than a dozen JCCs last week. According to the Associated Press, “Bomb threats targeted Jewish community centers in at least six states last Monday, and some were made with prerecorded telephone calls, according to an official with the Jewish Federations of North America. It’s not clear why up to 20 Jewish community centers across the South and Northeast were targeted, said Richard Sandler, chair of the JFNA board of trustees.”

The JCC coordinated with SAFE Cincinnati and the Amberley Police throughout the incident and the entities are continuing to work together as the investigation continues. SAFE Cincinnati, a community-wide initiative to improve Jewish Cincinnati’s readiness to deal with security threats and natural disasters.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown issued a statement:

“Connie and I stand in solidarity with Jewish communities across the country against these hateful threats of violence toward our friends and neighbors. Every American has the right to feel safe and welcome in our communities, and each of us has a responsibility to stand against efforts to intimidate or endanger our fellow Ohioans. I am grateful to local law enforcement for their efforts to investigate these threats and keep the centers safe.”

Mayerson JCC is a 140,000 sq. ft. complex that includes banquet space, waterpark, meeting rooms, spa and fitness services located at the Ridge Road exit off Ronald Reagan Highway. It is also an early childhood and senior center.

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Jewish Centers Across U.S. Face New Wave of Bomb Threats

On Wednesday, for the second time this month, someone called the Jewish community center outside Wilmington, Del., and said a bomb was on the property.

For the second time this month, children were evacuated from schools, gym patrons had their workouts interrupted and police dogs searched the campus. And for the second time this month, it turned out to be part of a frightening nationwide hoax targeting Jewish facilities.

Both Wednesday and last week, a national alert system for leaders of Jewish centers was activated as the menacing calls poured in.

The Anti-Defamation League issued a security advisory and urged Jewish institutions “to take these threats extremely seriously.

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