by Sam Smith

Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland High School bowling teams currently sits towards the bottom of the ECC standings with men’s varsity bowling at sixth with four wins and eight losses in conference and seven wins and nine losses overall. Women’s bowling is currently hanging onto eighth (last) place in the ECC with one win and nine losses, and three wins and eleven losses overall. However, the season has not been a loss for the bowlers. They have seen considerable growth and look forward to a better season next year.


JV bowler, Jeffrey Scott


“Our JV team has had a really good season, they’ve been getting a lot better. The Varsity team has seen a lot of improvement. A lot of guys have really stepped up at key times. It’s definitely not been quite the season we’d hoped to have, but we’ve definitely got some younger guys stepping up and we’ve got some scores coming along, so if nothing else, in the next couple seasons I think we’ve got a lot of room to grow and I’ve got a lot of hope for the future,” said Varisty bowler and senior, Aaron Autin. Autin is consistently one of the top bowlers for Loveland.

Senior and Varsity bowler, Aaron Autin

Varsity currently maintains an improved score from the 2016 season, and the athletes claim to see improvement.

“We’ve done a lot better than last year, and we’re definitely improving as a team. We’ve got some bowlers that are up-and-coming. It’s been great to see the increasing scores of the incoming juniors,” explained Varsity bowler and junior, Wyatt French.

Micah Hicks competes against Walnut Hills
Casey Henry
JV bowler, Aidan Autin

The season has not been without challenges. The team has fought back to overcome their setbacks.

“We went on the road against Withrow. Their bowling place is one of the toughest to bowl at in the city. It’s hard to get good scores, and our team put up some really good scores. It was nice to hit some of the benchmarks we wanted to this season and to do it in one of the hardest locations,” explained Autin.


JV/Varsity bowler and Junior, Mikey Palma

The team may not have seen the winning season they had hoped for, but the team intends to keep moving up each season. They already have their eyes set on the next season.

JV bowler and Junior, Tommy Blair

“For me it’s been a lot of fun my senior season to see we’ve got a lot of young bowlers that are coming up and can continue the team after I leave,” concluded Aaron Autin.



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