Dear Editor,

In all reality, as much as the closure is very inconvenient, the road its self is in serious need of upgrading. The road is dangerously narrow. The curve currently getting new drains, needs to be graded, many a winter day, I have seen cars unable to climb it. I’d love to see them add a bike lane on this road!


Laura Andrews



    Jeremy Evans, the Clermont County Engineer’s Traffic Engineer said, “With these underground storm improvements, the steep drop-offs that exist on either side of the road will also be eliminated which will enhance the safety for those traveling this section of Branch Hill Guinea. The existing roadway consists of two 10’ lanes and minimal shoulder and will be widened to include two 12’ lanes and a 2’ shoulder on either side.”

  2. This letter makes a valid point. Unfortunately the work on Branch Hill has to do with the underground storm drainage system, not making improvements to the road itself.

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