by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – The Loveland Bike Trail over the past couple of years has welcomed many new local businesses, some offering quality beverages, some offering a unique dine-in experience, and some offering fresh homemade cuisine. One business in particular that sits right off the bike trail tucked right next to Narrow Path Brewing Company has managed to combine quality beverages, a unique dine-in experience, and fresh homemade food all under one roof. Introducing Hometown Cafe, a little slice of paradise in the heart of Historic Downtown Loveland!

Hometown Cafe made its debut into the Loveland community after Owner Jimmy Hooper bought the business, formerly known as “Fresh Press,” from his brother-in-law. Hooper already had an extensive culinary background as well as a catering business called “Loveland Catering” so he felt that having a brick and mortar would mesh well with his passion for creating aesthetically pleasing healthy food. Hooper, who grew up in Symmes Township, knew after having kids that he wanted to raise his family with his wife in the same city he fell in love with so he thought what better way to serve the community he loves than having fresh nutritious food readily available every day!

Hometown Cafe offers a simple yet delicious selection of food, beverages, and goods from local vendors across the city. From Deeper Roots coffee, lattes, and hot chocolate, to real fruit, and veggie smoothies, and fresh-pressed juice, to made-to-order breakfast sandwiches, homemade soups, salads, and wraps, Hometown Cafe has it all! Did I mention Hometown also has a bakery filled with muffins, croissants, bagels, and danishes, to name a few and a “local market” where small local businesses can sell their homemade delicacies such as honey, granola, jam, and energy bites?

I have been a part of the Loveland community and Loveland Magazine now for nearly 5 years so I have had the honor of seeing new businesses establish themselves, local events thrive, and the community coming together to give back. This is one of the biggest reasons, other than I LOVE food and food culture, as to why I wanted Hometown Cafe to be my next Cassie the Food Guru adventure! Hometown Cafe has not only impacted the community by providing quality nutritious food and beverages, but by also giving back time and time again. Whether they are getting involved in Loveland’s events or introducing local artists, vendors, and food trucks to the community, Hometown Cafe loves helping the community!

So without further ado, I bring to you, a Loveland Magazine TV interview production, Cassie the Food Guru Stops by Hometown Cafe!

Hometown Cafe Fun Facts:

  • Located at 111 Railroad Ave, Loveland, Ohio, 45140
  • Open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day
    • Breakfast is served from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. during the week and on the weekends breakfast is served until 3 p.m.
  • Lunch is always in the cooler. The cooler includes homemade soups, salads, wraps, and “kids boxes.”
  • Cold-Pressed Juice is made “in-house with a hydraulic press that exerts 10 tons of pressure on the fresh produce to extract the juice. Since the juice is exposed to minimal heat and air, it retains more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from the whole fruit/vegetable than traditional centrifugal juicing methods.”
  • Local artists’ artwork is on display for sale inside the cafe.
  • You may book Hometown Cafe for your next event!
    • Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evenings is $250.
    • Monday through Thursday evenings is $200.
      • Rental is available from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.
      • Seats up to 25 on the 1st floor and 32 on the patio.
    • The upstairs meeting room is $25 per hour.
      • Available for rent 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.
      • The rental fee is waived if you spend the same amount in the cafe during your event!
  • Catering is available through Jimmy’s “Loveland Catering.”
    • $500 on the weekends.
    • $400 on the weekdays.
    • If you spend twice the event rental fee in catering and the rental fee is waived!
  • You can rent Hometown Cafe’s kitchen for $35 per hour or if you take advantage of the kitchen membership it is $20 per hour.
  • Hometown Cafe offers merchandise through “My State Threads Apparel.”
    • If you would like to set a page up for your business Hometown will give you a unique URL and $10 from every piece of merchandise sold will go towards your business.
  • Items we recommend you try when you stop by Hometown Cafe:
    • The Cozy Bowl
    • The One With No Meat
    • The Toast
    • The B.E.A.S.T
    • Frogman Smoothie
    • Tropical Majik Smoothie
    • Kale Force Cold-Pressed Juice
    • Charcoal Lemonade Cold-Pressed Juice
    • The Ginger Shot
    • A specialty latte or hot chocolate
    • Sweet Potato Chips
    • Energy Bites
    • An Everything Bagel
    • Any of the local market items made by local small businesses!

Be sure to stay informed on all the fun and delicious things Hometown Cafe has going on by visiting their website, Facebook, or Instagram!

For more interviews and stories on local food culture, stay tuned to Cassie the Food Guru!

Columnist Cassie Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland. She is the Co-Owner, Associate Editor, and Director of Marketing for Loveland Magazine. Contact her if you are interested in promoting your event or business in Loveland Magazine. Cassie also Emcee’s events so feel free to reach out if you are in need of an Emcee for your next event, fundraiser, or sports-related competition. Cassie was just awarded the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance 2021 Young Business Professional of the Year. Follow Cassie on Instagram and/or Facebook!

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